High Maintenance Hippie

{On Me: Crop Top: American Apparel. Shorts: Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Bib + Tuck. Necklace: Aldo. Bangles: Vintage. Hat: Vintage. On Kiddo: Top: Target. Overalls: Target. Feathers: H&M. Shoes: Target. Bag: Gap. Photographed by me.}

I have boho fever. I blame my recent trip to Coachella. I spent so much time trying to decide what I was going to wear for those three days that it’s imprinted in my brain. That and I had such an amazing time I’m not truly sure I want to let go of the experience. This is my way of hanging on. So, this summer will be one giant festival wear fiesta for me. And kiddo. I’ve now reached a stage where if I pass a pint-sized tribal print I have to pick it up for the mini. Thankfully, she’s into my indie inclination. She is, after all—as my friend Diana loves to point out—the 6-year-old vegetarian artist. Some things just go together like peas and carrots. Mills and I decked ourselves out in our hippie gear and headed to the Miami Fashion Week blogger brunch at the Eden Roc, where we noshed on strawberries, fresh pineapple and croissants. It was a perfectly perfect Saturday with my favorite girl.