Extreme Beauty: Salt Rooms, Swedish Showers and a Vibrating, Glowing Bed

{The Pink Himalayan Salt Room at Ame Spa & Wellness Collective}

Imagine a giant pink himalayan salt room. OK, there’s not too much imagining if you look at the pics above. Nevertheless, a salt room is beautiful. The way the light comes through the bricks of pink salt, it’s soothing, lovely. And it has health benefits, too, including enlightening your mood, detoxing your skin and improving your lung functions. I got to spend a little time in one at Ame Spa & Wellness Collective recently. And that’s just the beginning of experience.

The day began with a wellness circuit. After hanging out in the steam room and hitting the salt room, my next stop was the Swedish shower. I had never actually had a Swedish shower before and let me tell you, it’s basically a human carwash. And it’s awesome. High pressure water comes at you from every angle. It’s hot. It’s cold. It improves circulation. The water pounds your skin, offering somewhat of a massage. And when your time ends, you’ll be happy to step away from the rather intense massage, but you’ll also leave feeling glad you had it.

Next, it was off to my Amethyst Quartz Massage. Instead of using hot stones, the spa at Ame uses heated pink Himalayan salt stones to work out the knots and restore your energy, provide better flow for your respiratory system and detox your lungs. The massage was divine. My therapist even coated my hair in conditioner and let it sit there for the entire massage, leaving me with a stress-free form and soft, silky locks afterward.

And while the day could have ended there and I could have happily gone on my way, the best was still yet to come. That being the Spa Wave.

I entered a glowing room with what appeared to be a lounge chair. Next, I sat in the lounge chair and realized, much like waterbeds of the ’80s, it moved. I slipped on headphones that played soft, gentle music and when I did, the chair began to vibrate in tune with the music. The lights in the room also began to change in tune with the music and vibration. It may have seemed like sensory overload, but it was actually the most soothing thing I’ve experienced in a long time. The light and vibration therapy actually reduce the hearts beating to a calm 60 beats per minute. The whole experience is meant to de-stress the guest. I can attest it works. Well. It’s all based on Quantum- Harmonic-Sound Therapy. And it’s amazing. Lets just say when I walked out of the spa, I could have cared less that it was Monday, I had unmet deadlines, mom duties and piles of laundry waiting for me at home. I had just spent some quality me time at Ame and it stuck with me for awhile.