Mr. Pants: Alvin Valley

{Nope that’s not him, but those are his pants.} 

As of 11 a.m. today I’ll be shopping the racks at the Alvin Valley trunk show in Miami Beach. Alvin Valley’s been dubbed the King of Pants on more than one occasion. And I don’t mean that in a Titanic, “I’m the King of the World” sort of way. Valley’s knack for making pants that flatter earned him his royal title. Wether you have junk in your trunk, are flat where it should be fat or vice versa, he’s got you covered. Valley, a Miami boy, returns to his roots with his line today for a trunk show that you’ll have to step into one leg at a time. So what makes Valley the boss of britches, the sir of slacks? It’s all about the fit. 

How does one become the “King of Pants?” I don’t know how I became King of Pants, it never was my intention. When I design, I don’t design just for the bottom half of the body, I work with the whole entire look, head to toe. But, I do know I have a certain type of eye when it comes to the booty. Maybe that distinguishes me from the rest.

What should a woman look for in a pair of pants? What women should look for in a pair of pants is what their own bodies are like, and figure out what really works for them. That is the reason I do different cuts and styles, because one doesn’t always work for everyone. I always offer different rises and legs. However, right now I’m seeing the leg a bit sharper and narrow, boot cut looks so démodé.

I’m 5”2. There are no pants I own that haven’t been altered in some shape, way or form. Why doesn’t someone make pants exclusively for short people? Interesting question about shorter women’s pants. Funny thing, I’m always being thanked by tall girls for solving their issues of finding pants long enough for them. I cut a 38-inch inseam, which is excessive for pants. On average designers cut them at 32-34. But I think it is always easier to hem pants to a shorter length than to elongate them. Having said that, I am cutting a great pant now that is shorter and works for girls that are much shorter than I’ve done in the past. It’s the 190 style.

As a shortie, what kind of pants should I shy away from? Whether you’re short, average or tall, one should know what works for your body, (also body type). Pants are very tricky, and wearing the wrong one can make someone look very bad. But wearing the right one can really make you look super sexy, more than any other item. I really don’t think that height has much to do with the style of pants, it’s more about the body and what looks good—that’s why my website, AlvinValley.com (launching in mid July), will be very helpful in editing the right pant for you when shopping, by selecting your body type. Don’t buy the wrong pant just because it’s trendy. One shouldn’t be trendy, but “on trend.” In my head, pants should sculpt, that’s why I have a belting skirting built into each pant. Most women call it “Spanx in pants.” My pants are very much engineered to reshape the body.

What’s your favorite look for summer? My favorite look for the summer is cropped pants in either super colors, like kelly green, in linen or in electric blue cottons. 

What kind of pants do we need to buy now for fall? For fall definitely invest in a beautiful fabric and architecture. I am showing pre-fall now, and people are buying them right away to put away in the closet until September. High-waist is very chic for fall, and definitely look for different details that make a pant interesting, such as seaming and darts or color blocking.

You heard him, pre-fall is going on now. Stock up for September. See you at the sale, which goes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday at Murano at Portofino, 1000 S. Pointe Drive, Apt. 2204. RSVP to RSVP@alvinalley.com.