Shades of …

Everyone is talking about this 50 Shades of Grey trailer. Zero interest. I’m probably the only female on planet earth who didn’t read the book. I loathe overly popular chick lit—um, chick lit in general. Besides, I have a different shade to talk about. The other day I ran out of my usual foundation. As luck would have it, Almay sent me a its new Smart Shade to try out just days before. Makeup kismet? Yup. I applied it over my moisturizer and waited to see if the product would know which shade to stop at when it got to my pigment hue. How does that work, anyway? For starters, there are only three skin-tone adjusting shades to choose from (instead of hundreds like other brands), so finding the one for you isn’t a mission impossible. Confession: I’m really bad at finding which one is for me. With only three, it’s a light, medium, dark situation. I can handle that.

Once you find the shade and apply it,  it adjusts to the natural tone and nuances of your skin with Almay’s tonemimic shade-sensing bead technology. It intuitively transforms your skintone to the perfect shade, which is kind of like magic. So, yeah, it’s magical. I like the sheerness of the product and the fact that it has SPF, especially here in Miami, where the sun never stops. Oh, Miami, you’re a sunny place for Smart Shade-wearing people.

{Wearing: Tank: c/o BGrace Soy, Bamboo and Organic Cotton Tank Top. Jeans: J Brand via Bib + Tuck. Necklace: c/o Sterling Forever Pink Gold Tone Statement Necklace. Shoes: Mossimo Slides. Cameos by Owen and Henry. Photographed by me.}