Alice and Olivia Opens the Miami Design District

{Wearing: Alice and Olivia polkadot dress. Alice and Olivia The Beatles jacket—both c/o Alice and Olivia. BCBG Generation Booties c/o Sawgrass Mills.}

How was my International Women’s Day, you ask? Um, the greatest day ever. I’m going to have to backtrack a wee bit to explain that, so here goes:

A few years ago someone gave me grief because my Instagram “had too many things going on.” You can’t have fashion and yoga and your kid, they said. I kind of laughed because, though I’ve basically been doing all of that since my Instagram inception, somewhere along the way I noticed I wasn’t the only one. Stacey Bendet of Alice and Olivia, she shared the best aspects of her life, too. And they also just happened to be fashion, yoga and her family. I guess that’s when I decided she was the ultimate Instagram inspo. If I’m wrong, then she is wrong. And there’s no way she’s wrong.

So how does all of that meld together to make this my most inspiring International Women’s Day ever? Because I spent March 8 with none other than Stacey Bendet at the grand opening of Alice and Olivia in the Miami Design District. Yes, the store is stunningly beautiful. A white marble palace, if you will. And yes, the clothing is delicious. The best fashion brand going right now. But the very best part was being in the presence of such a true boss babe. On International Women’s Day nonetheless. She’s someone whose work I truly admire. So, there you go. The explanation.

The party just happened to be fantastic, too. All of Miami’s fashion plates were out in their very best Alice and Olivia designs, eating cookies shaped like Stacey Bendet’s signature look. Sipping tequila drinks with lavender floating in it. Waiting for The Architect of Style to sketch them in flower petals.

So how was my International Women’s Day, you ask? Let’s just say next year is going to have to go big to tackle this one.