Alexis Bittar Brought 600 Pieces of Jewelry to Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Shops Yesterday

A sea of green from Alexis Bittar.

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? Yesterday, I got the chance to meet and host Alexis Bittar at Neiman Marcus at Bal Harbour Shops. And shoppers and attendees were lucky enough to view nearly 600 pieces from his collection. It was like playing dress up in your mom’s jewelry box when you were a kid. Brilliant baubles literally everywhere.

Inspired by a ’50s girl gone bad.

More than a few things caught my eye, including this stunning necklace below. Thanks to gal pal Erin Chainani, I now feel as though I cannot go on without this necklace. Necklace fund currently in progress.

I think I’m in love with this O’keeffee Antique Silver necklace. Found similarly online here.

Currently accepting applications from anyone who wants to buy this for me.

Me and the man, Alexis Bittar.

In addition to playing accessorize me, I also got the chance to chat up the designer. Here’s what he had to say about his currently collection and upcoming projects.

You have a huge collection. What is your favorite piece?

I have a few. I love this bracelet [pictured below]. I like how the Baroque contradicts with this fine jewelry. I was going for 1960s and ’70s fine jewelry with French Baroque elements. The theme carries on in other pieces [like his Gold Parrot Cuff bracelets]. Then, over here, it’s a funky floral look [pictured above]. These flowers are all hand done.

What was your inspiration for the flowers?

A 1950s super prim girl gone punk rock.

Why a lot of green.

I like green, green and blue.

Do you always look to the past for inspiration?

Yes. My favorite decades are Victorian or 1930’s Art Deco.

Miami is the land of Art Deco. Why do you think your line works for the Miami girl?

I think in terms of the Miami girl, she is not afraid of color, colorful trends. I also think there is a sense of abundance.

Yes, less is definitely not more. More is more.

I feel like that comes across. It’s a nightlife, fashion world even though it’s during the day. I think the Miami girl also embraces the contemporary market and looks at art in terms of fusing fashion.

This question is from my friend Serena and her petite fingers. She’s been told your rings can’t be sized down. Is that true?

They can’t. We go down to a size 6. Smaller than that, we don’t do. But we are going to be coming out with a line of fine jewelry next year. It should launch spring next year.

What is your inspiration behind the new line?

Using a classic sensibility, but also keeping it edgy.

Would you ever consider having a store here in Bal Harbour?

We have such great partners that we don’t feel a need to be in Bal Harbour, but we are looking, probably in the Design District.

That area is a hot bed right now. Good luck.

The hosting crew: With Gotmar Giron, Annie Vazquez, Jenny Perez, and Alexis Bittar.


One of Alexis Bittar’s favorite pieces, mixing his love of green with ‘60/’70’s style and the baroque aesthetic.