Matchy Matchy

{Ab Aluska Brasileiro inspiration tee c/o Kmia Moda. Monteau Los Angeles cardigan. Bebe skirt c/o Bebe. Vintage oxblood heels. Lacoste sunnies c/o Lacoste. Vintage bag. On kiddo: Ab Aluska Brasileiro inspiration tee petite.}

I once made my whole family (including the dogs) dress up in matching PJs for a Christmas morning photo. One year later, after I unearthed said pic, I swore I’d never make anyone at Casa Harris dress alike ever again. I lied. Milly and I got “inspired” by these matching tees from Ab Aluska Brasileiro, which was easy considering we both have a soft spot for this bold blue, bunnies (a la Fifi Lapin) and, of course, Chanel.

Photographed by David Marc Harris. Ab Aluska Brasileiro available at Kmia Moda.