A Very Brady Blog Post

I don’t know how it happened but The Brady Bunch recently infiltrated the DVR at my house. In fact, on the Hallmark HD channel, there’s a Brady block daily. Turns out, kiddo is obsessed with it. It also turns out that obsession I have with muumuus from the ’70s is no joke. The other day the Brady’s go to Hawaii episode (part one of three—yeah, that stuff was three parts long. Talk about the whole cast and crew trying to squeeze in a vacay on the network’s dime) wound up on the tube. Hubby pauses the show, looks at me and says, “Don’t you have that bathing suit?” The one Carol Brady was consoling Greg in on the beach? No, I don’t in fact have that bathing suit, but I have the muumuu that matches it. It’s the one I wore for hair and makeup on the Self magazine Dove shoot. The big orange flowers mixed with grey ones is identical to the one mom Brady rocked. Upon seeing it on the ’70s icon, two emotions rocketed up inside of me. The first being: Hell yeah, I have Brady clothes! The second: Where can I find that bathing suit? Now that I know it exits, I’ll spend the rest of my days trying to track it down. Up next, recording old episodes of Three’s Company on Nick at Nite to see up close and personal what Mrs. Roper and I have in common.

{Muumuu: Vintage. Shoes: Dizzy.}