A Little Birdie Told Me …

{Necklace: Top Shelf Jewelry, available at Touch Boutique. Lipgloss: Chanel Glossimer in Daydream 174.}

A little birdie, like this handmade blue bird necklace from Top Shelf Jewelry, told me there are new lipgloss for spring/summer out and about. Chanel recently introduced new hues to its line of Glossimers. My current fave: Daydream. It’s a hot pink with a whopping punch of shimmer. But also in the lineup are Ocean Shimmer 171, which is a clear gloss with iridescent shine (perfect for summer days when it’s so hot you think your makeup is going to melt off your face—and yes, those days will be here sooner than later— as well as Crushed Cherry 176, which seems like the outcast of the bunch because it’s such a deep, saturated color. But, it’s actually a great option for evening and definitely something to tweet about.

Thanks to David Marc Harris for the top pic.