A Hint of Red

{Top: Forever 21. Shorts: Forever 21. Shoes: Zara. Bag: c/o Ecco Belaga Handbag. Necklace: Hearts Recycled Wine Bottle Glass Cascade Necklace.}

OK, so here it is, my first official “fall” post. And here I am in fall attire. Miami fall, anyway. It is still very much 95 degrees out. So what about my outfit makes it fall? The return of red. It’s also been my favorite color. It’s supposed to be—I’m an aries. And now that it’s back in vogue as a fall trend, I’m sporting it as my pop, seen here in my awesome Ecco Belaga bag. The shape of this bag is kind of amazing, too. Nothing gets lost in the bottom, ever. That in and of itself is worth its weight in gold.

I’ll also be popping red on my lips, nails, shoes, scarves, anywhere I can. It gives basic black and white (another fall trend) umph.

Another shade you’ll be seeing a lot of this fall: Emerald green, like on my Hearts necklace, which is made of recycled wine bottle glass, making it eco friendly and chic, as well as on point for fall.

Hey, we Miami girls have to work our fall trends in however we can.

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Photographed by David Marc Harris.