A Funny Story About Birthdays and Balloons

{Kiddo in all her 9th birthday glory.}

I was scrolling through Instagram about a month or so back and I spotted a pic of a girl surrounded by balloons. It was insta (pun intended) love. Totally recreating this for my annual bday shoot. And I’ll do one for kid, too (we’re a whopping four days apart.) I could see it now, it was going to be epic.

So after school last week, I picked up kid, hit to the local party store, picked out three dozen balloon in spring hues and then waited an hour while one guy filled all of them. One. At. A. Time. For whatever reason I managed to muster the patience of a saint. This was, after all, going to be the best picture ever. EVER.

So here I am shoving three dozen-plus balloons into my Jeep only to get home, set them up and realize we really needed to shoot this at the beach—to really do it justice. So back to the Jeep I go, shoving all 38 balloons back into the car—good times. I get to the beach, set up the camera, shove the balloons into kiddo’s hand, snap the pic, she sees a bee, freaks out and lets go of every single one of the balloons after ONE shot. The shot above. That’s it. Fifty dollars, hours later, one shot. My pic of me holding the balloons was never to happen. Ever.

I freak out. Milly freaks out. All the while watching the balloons drift away into the wild blue yonder. We managed to get a shot at the beach. But my hopes and dreams for the best pic ever, done. Milly informs me she saves the day with the pic below. But that pic of me with the balloons, yeah, that’s not happening. And as a parent, you just have to smile and deal with it. Even though inside you want to scream and hurl things.

And then, on the morning of my 39th birthday, Jorge disappeared only to reappear with a car loaded with balloons. He was going to gift to me the shot I didn’t get for my birthday. Swoon. Best. Birthday. Ever.

The end.