Building a College Wardrobe at Sawgrass Mills

  {The big kid is off to college …} So you’ve worn a uniform to school every day of the week for the past 18 years to school. And now you’re off to college. What in the world are you going to wear? There’s a fashion-related problem if I’ve ever seen one. And also the question of the moment at our house now that Julien is flying the coop and heading off to college. Yes, we have a kid headed to college. And no, that does not make us old. (I keep telling myself.) After 18 years in private school, donning his polo shirts and khaki shorts, he was a little light in the clothing department. Like five pairs of random jeans, no shirts and a pair of shoes too small light. It also doesn’t help that his feet seem to grow another shoe size every time the calendar changes…Read More

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Speedo Makes Teeny Bikinis Now

{c/o Speedo Helena Top and Piper Bottom. Photographed By Jorge Camaraza} Here’s something I’m guessing you probably didn’t know: Speedo makes teeny sexy bikinis now. The company, which celebrates its 90th year in production, has thrown a curveball into its image. And it’s amazing. I met up with the brand during Swim Week and got the whole scoop. And speaking of scoops, even the booty is scooped out of the bottoms. I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The brand known for staying in place as divers twisted and turned off the high dive into the pool below, just brought sexy back. And then I put it to the test. I donned the navy bikini with its strategically placed holes to the pool at the Standard. I got compliments left and right. And the minute I said it was Speedo, I got the same reaction across the board: “What?…Read More

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Don’t Forget to Pack Your Fitness Routine

{Look: c/o Hello Molly Sprinter Leggings and Matching Sports Bra in Dark Blue. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris} So much has happened in the past month that I’m thrilled to share with you guys. If you follow my Insta stories, you’ve probably noticed I’m spending a lot of time at The Pilates Place Studios. And here’s the reason why: I’m officially a certified Pilates mat teacher. If you thought I wore a lot of fitness gear before, prepare for a whole new dimension of me exploring new brands just for you. Like this Odd Molly matching set I’m sporting above. I love a pattern. It makes looking down at your legs while they are shaking and quaking that much better. A happy place in a moment of fatigue, if you will. And since I have my certification now, I’m ready to teach group and private mat Pilates classes in Miami, so…Read More

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