Take Your Vitamins

{Wearing: Bathing Suit: Bohemian Queen Brazenly Braided One Piece c/o Salty Mermaid. Earrings: Labradorite and Moonstone Hoops c/o Lexi Jewelry. Vitamins: c/o Care/Of. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} Take your vitamins, people. It’s cold and flu season out there. And after spending a weekend ravaged by stomach flu (yuck), I’m hopping on the vitamin train. This year, the flu has people in a full-blown panic.  If you have kids, go outside and breathe oxygen, chances are you’re going to get something. Unless, you do things to defend yourself. Consider taking vitamins like washing your hands for your insides. Plus, your mom will be happy you did it because it’s good for you. And I’m just guessing here, but you probably made some promise to yourself somewhere around late December of 2017 to do more things that are good for you. Taking vitamins, while good for what ails you and all that,…Read More

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All Adidas Everything and the History of the Wynwood Boombox

{Wearing: Head-to-toe Adidas from ASOS. Photographed By Milly Jane Harris} If you’re going to wear head-to-toe Adidas, including an Adidas track suit, which I scored on super mega sale from ASOS, and take a pic of it, it’s probably best to head to that oversized boom-box over in Wynwood. Some things are just meant to be. Eons ago, someone had the where with all to turn a giant slab in Wynwood into a boombox. That someone’s name was Sonni, which he originally did in 2010. Originally, it was supposed to be a camera because of it’s shape, but in a way cooler twist of fate, it became a musical homage to the city. And then someone painted over it, as these things go. Another version of a boombox made it’s way to the same slab  in Basel 2013, courtesy of Chor Boogie and Trek 6. It’s a tribute to Miami’s history with…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials vs Pigmentation

{Wearing: Top and shorts set: Market Miami. Shoes: Aldo. Hat: Voyage in Style. Glow By Vivid Face. Photographed By Jorge Camaraza} See that glow right there? That did not happen on its own. And it’s not Photoshopped either. It’s a year and change of keeping on top of my skin’s foibles with laser treatments at Vivid Face. While I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get my adult acne under control, I’ve finally reached a place where I think my hormones are going to chill out for a bit. (Please don’t let me curse myself by writing that.) But now I’ve realized, thanks to years of taking birth control and then not, I have pigmentation. Can a girl get a break? Actually, yes she can. By doing laser treatments I can get rid of acne scars and uneven complexion and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Like I’ve said again and again,…Read More

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Stepping Out in Andre Assous

{Wearing: Jacket: c/o Tricia Fix. Shoes: c/o Andre Assous Tamsin Nappa Sandal, available at Macy’s. Photographed By Milly Jane Harris.}   Oh Miami, and our unfulfilled fashion cravings. We long to wear boots, but your sweltering temps and humidity, you make it nearly impossible. Then, Andrea Assous comes along and creates sandals with a boot-ish feel and all is right in the Southernmost State. I’m loving these Tamsin Nappa Sandals. They go with jeans. They go with dresses. They go with shorts. You see where I’m going with this. They go with everything. And you can still show off whatever nail polish on your toes that trending. Finally, someone who gets a Florida girl’s footwear needs. Thanks, Andrea Assous. This post is sponsored by TaoTronics. The thoughts and opinions, well, those are mine. All mine.    

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Run Away to Turks and Caicos

And just like that another 365 passes us by. It’s funny, I started off 2017 in a foreign country. And I’m ending 2017 the same way I rang it in: Elsewhere. Abroad.  Who would have guessed, me, this girl who was terrified to leave Florida for eight years because I could not get myself on a plane, is now writing this from, actually, I don’t want to think about how many feet it is. I’m better, but I’ll never truly be comfortable with it.  Since it’s December 31 and all and I’m sitting on a plane headed off to a tropical paradise and feeling all nostalgic, now seems the the best time as any to tell the story of one of my most favorite trips of the past year. It was not too long ago that Jorge and I agreed to visit Turks and Caicos as part of a press…Read More

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