Changing Seasons

{Wearing: Dress: Ramona LaRue. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} Today marks the first day of fall. And yet, here in Miami, it’s like June never left. Hotter even, now that Irma has ravaged all of our shady green trees. All of our leaves have lost their trees, but this, this is not fall. These pictures, however are my last trip to Colorado, where it did, in fact, feel like fall. So while our northern sisters plan which over-the-knee boots will go with what outfit, we’ll be down here taking our third shower of the day because we walked from our front door to our car before sunset. Or stood outside from more than 3 minutes. Or tried to wear jeans. While we won’t be able to don fall fashions for months to come now or even one at a time come those few months from now, I’m happy…Read More

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Getting Back to N-IRMA-L

{Wearing: Lucy Shorts and Calvin Top: Ramona LaRue.} It’s amazing how much can change in a week in a half. Here I am during the carefree pre-Irma days at my faithful lifeguard stand photo backdrop. Little did I know here that weeks later, this lifeguard stand, along with the rest of South Florida, would take a nasty beating. As news of hurricane Irma loomed, Miami being its direct target, I packed up my family, a few photos and mementos and headed as far north as the traffic would let me. I’m not one to stick around for hurricanes. Nine hours (instead of 3.5) to Orlando later, we sat back and wondered what would happen as Irma wobbled around threatening every single part of the state. This being the first real storm South Florida has had in the social media age, we watched as our neighborhoods, our favorite spots and even…Read More

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Irma Talk About Hurricanes Now …

{Wearing: One-piece: Gooseberry Seaside So Chic Long Island. Sunnies:¬† Photographed by Jorge Camaraza} That’s me, riding alongside the black walls of ¬†storms running me out of Bimini exactly 24 hours after I arrived. Those are the same storms created by Harvey. As in the Harvey that pillaged Texas. Back then it was just a tropical storm. A tropical storm that died and somehow came back to life … with a vengeance. A White Walker storm, if you will. Now here I am just weeks later looking at this thing called Irma headed straight for Florida. And here’s what I have to say about that … Well, we’ve pissed off Mother Nature. Oh, climate change isn’t real, they said. Global warming doesn’t exist, they said. And then they duct taped the mouths of organizations that monitor such things. As they say, hell hath no fury like a mother scorned. So, here…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Laser Facials, the Befores and Afters

This is me after the team from Glamsquad descended upon my house with an arsenal of beauty and hair supplies to transform me from work-from-home-editor/mom life into someone willing to take a selfie. Add in good lighting, too (a girl’s best friend). It’s easy to feel camera-ready when you have a team of experts to slap on layers of paint, accentuate the good stuff and cover-up the bad stuff. Sadly, they aren’t on hand as much as I’d wish them to be (as in like all day every day). And no one has come up with an Instagram filter for real life yet. And … my DIY makeup skills are borderline pathetic. Is it any wonder I wear my professional makeup for as many humanly hours as I can keep it on. If I could sleep in it and make it work the next day, I would. And those reasons…Read More

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