When the Vacation Ends …

Post vacation Mondays are pretty much like getting gum on not just the bottom, but the side of your shoe. They suck. Epically. I know, because I’m living one. After arriving home at midnight from spring break bliss (more to come on that soon), I woke up to deadlines, unpacked suitcases, a request from the realtor to see the house, mountains of laundry, a dead houseplant (sorry, Mother Nature) and nothing to eat or drink in the fridge. Calgon, er, Aveda, take me away. I have a stash of Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Mists for such occassions. My gift set has all seven of the offerings. You, however, can purchase individuals here. There are ones to make you feel balanced, nourished, to give you intention, give you harmony, help you be expressive, give insightful and have wisdom. I could basically deal with all of those today. You simply spray, set your…Read More

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My Breakup With Chanel

{Foundation: c/o Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation} {Photographed by Jorge Camaraza} Breakups are hard. I know. I recently had an awful one. For years I’ve been wearing Chanel foundation. It always been there for my needs. Filled with dewy goodness. The way the color matches my complexion. The good times. What I don’t love, however, is the way it makes me break out. There’s something there my skin doesn’t like, something that doesn’t jive. I figured it out on my trip to Cuba, where, sure enough, I ran completely out of foundation. In a Martha Stewart/MacGyver moment I took my powder mineral foundation and mixed it with my moisturizer. And the whole thing, while kinda thick, made my skin happy. Mineral makeup was what my skin wanted all along. Sure, it didn’t give me the same dewy glow. But it also didn’t make me greasy. Nor did it make me break out. The…Read More

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Barbie Girl

{Wearing: Gown from Style Saves Discounted Designer Shop in Wynwood. Photographed by Style Saves.} Remember prom? I do. My junior year I ditched my date, “borrowed his car” and ended up taking my prom pic with my best friend instead. Turns out her date was a dud, too. In the end, we had a blast. Two girls in gowns taking over the town. Our dresses were stunning. Beautiful. Amazing. We were Thelma and Louise in gowns. Prom and dresses. That’s such a huge part of a girl’s life. Here’s how you can contribute to that: Style Saves, the amazing organization that uses fashion to care for kids in need, is doing a little something called Project Prom, where it will dress more than 300 students and send them off to prom night. Here’s where you come in: See this dress I have on? It’s so cha-cha-cha delicious. I love it….Read More

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It’s a YogaFest and You’re Invited

{Wearing: Top and Leggings: Liquido. Photographed by Adorned Photography.} Free yoga! Get yer free yoga here! As someone who loves to make a little time for myself by slipping into a yoga groove, I’m happy to share an event where you can do something good for yourself and get your head in the right place. Here’s a chance for old school yogis to stretch out or newbies to experience yoga for the first time for absolutely nothing. Aventura Mall is hosting YogaFest on Sunday, April 2 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Four free, 30-minute classes will be offered, including AcroYoga and hip-hop flow. Meditation, healthy bites and more will also be on tap. Check it out. Just be sure to RSVP to https://www.facebook.com/AventuraMall/ to reserve a spot for yourself. Go yoge! You’ll be happy you did.  

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