Extreme Beauty: Laser Facial Part Three

{Makeup: Sophia Karakostas at emena spa. Skincare: Vivid Face.  Photographed by Danielle Margherite Photography LLC} It’s been several months now since my last laser facial. I recently finished my package of three Skin Brightening treatments after a series of Vivid Face‘s Signature Treatments. After trying something new, I like to step back from it and ask myself how it went: Do I see the results? How did my skin change? Did it change for the better? Now that I’ve had some time between treatments, I can share the full scoop on laser facials. So here goes: The first set of signature treatments I did back to back, with just a week to 10 days between. Upon the first treatment I noticed a difference in the pigment in my skin. It seemed brighter. Almost immediately. And the best part was being able to walk out and apply makeup immediately with no down time at all. Over…Read More

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Extreme Beauty: Salt Rooms, Swedish Showers and a Vibrating, Glowing Bed

{The Pink Himalayan Salt Room at Ame Spa & Wellness Collective} Imagine a giant pink himalayan salt room. OK, there’s not too much imagining if you look at the pics above. Nevertheless, a salt room is beautiful. The way the light comes through the bricks of pink salt, it’s soothing, lovely. And it has health benefits, too, including enlightening your mood, detoxing your skin and improving your lung functions. I got to spend a little time in one at Ame Spa & Wellness Collective recently. And that’s just the beginning of experience. The day began with a wellness circuit. After hanging out in the steam room and hitting the salt room, my next stop was the Swedish shower. I had never actually had a Swedish shower before and let me tell you, it’s basically a human carwash. And it’s awesome. High pressure water comes at you from every angle. It’s…Read More

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Tee Time with ATM

Each year, just around this time, I go on a maddening hunt for the great white tee. It’s the tee I will spend the rest of the year in. It’s the tee I will dress up for nights out, the tee I will dress down on weekends, the tee I will fall asleep in because it’s soft enough to be PJs. It needs to fit right and it needs to be the softest thing on earth. No pressure, right? This year, I managed to end the search early, thanks to ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo and its amazing white tees. This perfect white tee, it goes by the name of Schoolboy Crew. Jeans, sweats, big sock and boy shorts, it goes with everything. At $85, it’s not the cheapest white tee you’ll find, but the price is representative of the quality. And the quality is to thumbs up, 100 percent pure cotton….Read More

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Everything You Never Knew About Your Beauty Routine—But Probably Should

{Wearing: Striped Tape Tee Sweater : c/o Kersh (on sale for $21.30).  Shorts: c/o Blush. Necklace: Vintage. Hair & Makeup: c/o Glamsquad.} I recently got to spend the afternoon with Glamsquad at the Carillon Hotel (which is all kinds of stunningly beautiful and has a large and lovely spa) to get tips and tricks on how to make the most of your beauty routine. Turns out, after just five minutes with the beauty gurus, I realized, I’ve been doing basically everything wrong. Haha. For instance, did you know sleeping on cotton pillowcases sucks the moisture out of your skin and hair, making you wrinkly before your time? Yup, I had no idea either. And that’s why you should sleep on satin pillowcases. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what else I learned: SHAMPOO Before you get a blowout, it’s best to wash your hair twice with clarifying…Read More

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Escape to Nobu Eden Roc Hotel

Take a full moon, a relaxing yoga class, a dinner under the stars, a beautiful hotel room and a spa day the following morning and—damn, I love my job. In making this one of the best January’s ever, Nobu Eden Roc Hotel invited me to be a part of its Full Moon Wellness Series. The workout/sleepover was amazing and exactly what I needed after the busy start of the new year. The hotel’s monthly series co-insides with the moon cycle, which, for us tree-hugging vegetarians, is the be-all, end-all. Yoga under a full moon with the sounds of ocean waves crashing in the background is, well, I’m not going to lie, pretty damn spectacular. Afterward, we made our way upstairs to the pool deck for a preview of Malibu Farm, which is slated to open next month. Think organic, fresh and guilt-free since it’s all good for you. After wine,…Read More