And Now a Post on the Importance of Deodorant …

{Introduced by Simply Stylist, I’ve partnered with Dove to make the #EssentialUpgrade to an antiperspirant that can go as long as 48 hours, moisturizes and smells amaze.} Deodorant, it’s not really something you think about—aside from when you need to restock—but it’s definitely something you don’t want to live without. Especially in Miami. For obvious reasons. Turns out, as I learned at a recent Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant event, there’s more to a stick of deodorant than meets the, well, underarm. Since skin is summer’s never-ending trend, I want to make sure mine is soft and smooth for the season, which is why I’ve opted to do some laser hair removal (more to come on that soon). I shared all of this with Dr. Barba of Barba Skin Cinic during a wonderful exfoliating session at the event. After hearing my story, she suggested I chuck my current deodorant and give Dove…Read More

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Doorstep Dining

{Lunch courtesy of Fresh is Better.} Hello, my name is Ginger and I do not cook. I do not want to cook. I do not have time to cook. I just want food to magically arrive when I’m hungry or need to feed the people around me. Guess what? That’s a thing! This past week the peeps behind Fresh is Better (FIB) delivered three days worth of meals to my doorstep each morning. All I had to do was go online, pick my food genre (traditional, paleo,vegetarian or gluten-free) and size preference and tada, daily meal delivery pre-dawn that consisted of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. No cooking, no dishes, no stress. Just three squares made from fresh ingredients. With portion control, fresh ingredients and now-ability (meaning I’m not shoveling cookies in my mouth while I wait for something to get delivered), I’m on the road to healthy eating for summer’s bikini…Read More

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Taking the Plunge with #MarshallsSurprise

{Wearing: Neon Mix and Match High-Waisted Bikini: c/o Marshalls. Snorkel Mask: c/o Marshalls. Photographed By Jorge Camaraza.} Marshalls recently asked me to be part of a blogger challenge where the goal was to shop for items that inspire you to try something new. Since trying new things has kind of been my theme for the past few years now here on the blog, I gladly accepted. And I knew exactly what to look for as I stepped into the Marshalls at Midtown Miami. An upcoming trip to Key West meant I’d have a chance to go snorkeling. So, I searched through the racks for a cute new bikini and snorkel gear, finding both successfully. I absolutely love this bright, bold high-waisted bikini. I found it by mixing two different ones together, so now I have two new bikinis to enjoy. Ultimate bonus: the snorkel gear matches. So why is snorkeling…Read More



White Hot Summer

{Wearing: White Rouched Dress: c/o T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Shoes: Steve Madden. Necklace: c/o Delicate Raymond. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} In neighboring lands there’s a tradition Miamians have a hard time wrapping their heads around. In these far off places people actually stop wearing white from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Gasp! I know. Why? Some fashion rule created by people who obviously never lived in the tropics. But, I do live in Miami, where white is a staple year-round. Why? Because it’s hot. It’s almost always hot. And if we ran around in greys and navys and blacks in that non-white-wearing window, we’d melt. I mean, more often then not we rock bikinis on in mid-December. Whiteouts don’t apply in these parts. But elsewhere in the world they do. T.J. Maxx and Marshalls did a survey to find out when most women start to whitewash their wardrobes. Turns out, 63…Read More



My PCH Seekender Adventure: I Left My Heart in San Francisco

As we boarded the plane, him leading the way down the aisle, I thought to myself: This is going to be an amazing trip, but there’s no way it will compare to Colorado—my last Hampton by Hilton Seekender adventure. Sure, we would be back on the bike, the wind in our hair, careening through landscapes foreign to our traditional Miami scenery. But Colorado was so magical. The mountains. The sky. The freedom. The rush. The beauty of it all. Zooming across the Pacific Coast Highway on an Indian motorcycle with my best friend and partner in crime with me every step of the way was definitely going to be amazing, but how could it possibly touch the majestic journey across Colorado that still lives and breathes inside of me? This will still be nice, I thought. Now, looking back, I can see just how truly foolish a thought that was….Read More

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Let’s Yoge

I can only hope someday Milly will love yoga the same way I do. I can only hope that she, too, will find in yoga a place where she feels confident, beautiful, free. The only way to give that hope legs is to take her to yoga every chance she lets me. That’s what we’ll be doing together this Wednesday night, May 11, when we host Leggings Lounge at Anatomy’s rooftop. This time around the yoga class takes a mommy and me turn, so bring your little one if you have one, bring your mom or just bring yourself. We’ll get our om on from 6 to 8 p.m. with Nathalie Perdomo leading the way. Be sure to RSVP to See you there. And namaste.

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Dear Mama

{Heart and Mother of Pearl Necklace: c/o T.J. Maxx.} Dear Mama, Milly and I wanted to get you something special for Mother’s Day, so we headed over to T.J. Maxx and peered into the jewelry counter. We knew it should be something that showed how we feel about you and that’s exactly the emotion that sprung up when we found this mother-of-pearl (cuz you’re the mama) and heart (cuz we love ya) necklace. You see, you are the pearl in this big old oyster world for both of us. Most of my life, you have been my only parent. And as a single mom myself, I know how hard that can be. There are days when you drag in from work and all you want to do it hide under the covers, toss a pillow over your head, turn the lights off and call it a day. But, when you’re…Read More