Red Carpet-Ready Hair

{Wearing: Dress: Touch Dolls Boutique. Hair: c/o Sassoon.} Sunday, as some of the most beautiful celebs on planet earth take to the red carpet in stunning gowns and jewels for the Academy Awards, I’ll be laid out on the couch in my favorite pajama pants guzzling a bag of Twizzlers. Hey, it’s a rough job, but someone’s got to do it. Watching the Oscars, however, is guaranteed to give me glam fomo, which is why I caught up with the experts at Sassoon in Miami Beach to get the scoop on red carpet-ready hair. Reality check for us non-Academy Award winning regular folk: The opportunity to rock glammed-out hair will occur far more often than the need to wear a Marchesa gown. Now that I have all this hair, I’m curious about what to do with it, especially when there’s a soiree on the agenda. Regional Salon Director Pascal Bodin…Read More

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What’s in February’s Glossybox

{February Glossybox c/o Glossybox.} From time to time I talk about how much kiddo and I love getting stuff in the mail. It’s right up there with new shoes, blowouts and the cheese that oozes out of the top of a quesadilla and turns to a crispy, crunchy piece of perfection. February is a particularly mail-filled time of the year, too, thanks to Valentine’s Day, which was the inspiration for this month’s Glossybox. I let my mini in on the joy of opening up this month’s treasures (because sharing is caring) and together we unearthed GlamGlow Thirsty Cleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser (the brand is a personal fave of mine), Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer and WAIT, just watch the video below to see the other cool stuff I’ve been trying out this month. Then, find deets on getting your hands on your own Glossybox subscription here.

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Chap Chat

There I am, front and center in the mirror. I reach for my tube of old faithful red lipstick, go in for the apply and Bam! Chapped lips from this wacky Florida weather (where one day I’m wearing a leather moto jacket and gloves and the next a bikini) leave me looking like I’m trying to put lipstick on asphalt. The lumps! The bumps! The ridges! I smack my head, reach for a cucumber wipey, smear the disaster off and swear I’m never going to bed without moisturizing my lips ever again. The downfall to being an avid red lipstick-wearer (and I mean like so avid I put it on every time I leave the house), is constantly battling chapped lips. There’s no room for error when red is your go-to. Just like that white tube dress, red shows where all the transgressions lie. In the same way Spanx are…Read More

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Spilling Secrets

{Wearing: Bikini: Kai Lani from Blush. Hat: c/o Laundry by Shelli Segal.} Now that traveling is my new “thing,” I’m all about investigating resorts in fabulous places for my destination bucket list. I’ve recently set my sights on Secrets Resorts & Spas in Costa Rica, among its other numerous spots. I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but I’m hoping to change that. What drew me in to this oasis was its romance factor. The all-inclusive resort is a couples destination. I’m part of a couple, so that works. Plus, all the locales are in tropical beachy spots, which, yup, works, too. Toss in a welcome bottle of sparkling wine and fresh fruit, a mimosa breakfast in bed and romantic turndown service (part of the hotel’s Secrets To Romance package, which if you book between now and the end of the month you can enjoy anytime throughout 2016) and it’s as…Read More




{Wearing: Military Jacket with Hill Tribe embroidery from Chaing Mai, Thailand: PureFix by Tricia. Tee: Calypso St. Barth. Skirt: c/o H&M Shoes: Zara. Hair: Sassoon Miami.} I’m an old-school yogi and vegetarian, so doing nice things for the environment just kind of goes with the territory, which is why I identify with the brand PureFix by Tricia. She, too, believes in doing good things for Mother Earth, like recycling discarded fabrics and working with indigenous tribes across the globe. Her latest, this stunning military jacket, has Hill Tribe embroidery from Chaing Mai, Thailand. Thailand is on my travel bucket list, so, yeah, kismet. Speaking of doing good things for the planet, I decided to take Uber Pool the other day. I’ve pushed that button a few times in the past and no one ever shared the ride, so I had never really experienced it. I just kind of lucked out. This last time, however,…Read More

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In the Trenches

{Wearing: Coat: c/o Laundry by Shelli Segal Fit and Flair Trench.  Shoes: Steve Madden Roebella Pumps.} Yesterday’s post I was in a bikini. Today I’m in a trench. Why? Because Florida. The weather here is as nuts as the “Florida man” headlines. But I digress. I’m actually thrilled to be wearing the trench. Normally, I shy away from cold weather. It’s the reason why I can’t do fashion week in New York in February. I just can’t do cold and be cute. And if I’m forced to, I end up looking like a homeless shelter dog who has taken every blanket donated to them and curled up into it. I will walk around like that. No shame. At all. Cold is not cute and neither am I when I’m forced to experience it. Thankfully, I have this Laundry by Shelli Segal trench to keep me warm during this Miami winter, which,…Read More



Nailed It

  {Wearing: Bikini: c/o Ola Feroz Swimwear. Nails: Deco Miami Nail Lacquer in Slay. Hair: Blo Midtown Miami. Photographed by Julianna Dahbura.} The other night I was in the same room as the Superbowl. I say that because I totally wasn’t watching it. I did, however, watch the halftime show, also not something I generally do. I am not a fan of Coldplay. I am not a fan of Bruno Mars. I am not a fan of (dear God, please don’t let a lightening bold come down from the heavens and smite me for saying this but) Beyonce. But I like music. And I love live music. And so there I sat watching three larger-than-life musicians do their thing. And you know what struck me (kind of like a lightening bold from the sky)? Coldplay’s whole theme. The flowers, the colors, the happiness. Bright pinks, bold yellows, lotus flowers dancing. I…Read More