Looking Back … My Colorado Adventure Finale

When I look back on 2015, the memory that stands out the most, the memory that dominates those 365 days is my trip across Colorado. What started out as an opportunity from Hampton by Hilton turned into something so much more, an adventure, a journey, a road to self discovery. With nothing more than a backpack (and one pair of shoes, mind you), a motorcycle and him, I added a chapter to my life, one that went further than anything I could have ever imagined as I sat in front of my computer picking flights for the Seekender excursion. What lives in these pictures are memories that will last an eternity. And in those memories I learned more about myself than I ever knew. Back when I was in my very early 20s, I moved to New York without ever even visiting there. I knew no one. I paid rent to…Read More



Pitstop in Aspen … My Colorado Adventure Part 5

{Wearing: Marshall Dress and Belt: c/o Ramona LaRue. Hat: Vintage. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} After a day of train spotting, fly fishing and horseback riding, we headed back to our Hampton by Hilton and crashed. It had been a long day, to say the least, so full of adventure, slumber was the only option at that point. A night of sleep in our fresh sheets was as necessary as breathing. We had not only checked off all the boxes on our bucket list, we had captured them in a way wanderers longed for. And yet, the next day, we were eager to wake and find one last adventure, one more thing to add to the journey. The joy of staying at the Hampton by Hilton in Glenwood Springs was its proximity to neighboring towns, meaning the accessibility to whatever you craved, desired was literally just a ride away. And that’s…Read More



The Train … My Colorado Adventure Part 4

{Wearing: Tank: c/o Blush. Bra: c/o Market Miami Beach. Jeans: c/o Market Miami Beach (similar here). Necklace: Bib + Tuck. Hat: Vintage. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} We awoke that morning with a full agenda. Today, just like the previous day’s journey at Hanging Lake, involved a heavy dose of nature. We’d risen early, eager to just go and see and do and be. After loading up on DIY homemade waffles from the breakfast bar and nabbing another pre-packed snack and a Lippy cup brimming with hot chocolate from our Hampton by Hilton, we popped outside and headed straight for our bike. The day was full and there wasn’t a second to spare. We’d managed to cram as many plans as you can dream up into one day, all in and around Glenwood Springs. The first stop: Fly fishing lessons. They were obviously for Jorge and not myself. I’m not one…Read More



What to Wear for NYE

{Wearing: Top: A.L.C. from Neiman Marcus. Video and photos by Bella Mente.} I recently headed to Merrick Park, the GGP mall which recently changed its name to The Shops at Merrick Park, to do a little round up of what to wear for New Year’s Eve. I stopped in at some of my favorite stores, including Neiman Marcus, Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines, to get the scoop on the latest trends for the last day of 2015. From metallic pleats and bold hues to sparkling Louboutins and cool McQueen clutches, check out my video below for something to slip into for when the ball drops.   This video is sponsored by The Shops at Merrick Park. The rest is the ramble that rolls around in my head.

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The Perfect Present

{Blue Leather “B” Bag: c/o T.J. Maxx. Silver and Leather Necklace: c/o T.J. Maxx.} Finding the perfect present for that special someone, well, that isn’t as easy as you may want it to be. For instance, with only three days left before Christmas, the time has officially come to find that ideal gift for Mom. No more widow shopping, it’s purchasing prime time. The hour is upon us to lock down a gift that’s fun, nice, cute, memorable, nostalgic, mailable … no pressure. None at all. Actually, there really was no pressure when I stopped in at T.J. Maxx,, Marshalls and Homegoods to find something just right for the Mama Llama. I chose these three particular stores because they receive thousands of new items each week leading up to Christmas, making them literally stocked full of amazingly priced gift ideas. For me, it was more about finding a thoughtful gift that focuses on…Read More



Hanging Lake … My Colorado Adventure Part 3

{Wearing: Montce Terracotta Euro x Uno Set c/o (call the store for details). Necklace: c/o T.J. Maxx. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.} After the day before, I couldn’t wait for the morning to come, for the next stop, the next leg of the adventure. As the sun rose in the sky, we awoke in our fresh, white sheets, courtesy of Hampton by Hilton. I, of course, being me, decided to give the bed a good trampoline test in my Eberjey pjs, a la all my hotel stays, a silly practice I’d started eons ago. Then, we nabbed a to-go breakfast, packaged in a cute, brown bag with a fun sticker that read “Happy Fuel” and hit the road. The air was crisp, cool as we drove back through the canyon in the early morning. I zipped up my motorcycle jacket as the wind nipped at my skin on the bike. Hanging Lake…Read More



Cuff Me if You Can

{Wearing: Top and Leggings: Lulu Lemon. Hill Tribe Embellished Ankle Cuff: c/o Pure Fix Clothing.} As a yogi, I spend a great deal of time barefoot, so when something comes along that can dress up my ankles or feet and still allows me to get my om on, well, I’m into that. I mean, I’m a fashion blogging yogi. Accessories and asanas are the spice of life. So when my dear friend Tricia Fix posted these amazing ankle cuffs on her site, Pure Fix Clothing, I jumped at the chance to strike a pose in them. Tricia, who once designed in Miami and now designs in L.A., gets my whole boho aesthetic. And she’s eco-conscious in a way that my tree-hugging, yogi soul loves. She fell in love with tribal embroidery on a trip to Thailand for her honeymoon. And she’s been working the beautiful, handmade patterns into her designs…Read More



Holiday Shopping: Making a List & Checking it Twice

{Wearing: Military Jacket: c/o Pure Fix by Tricia. Dress: Vintage. Shoes: Bib + Tuck.} It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which also happens to be the same time of year that the month goes into turbo hyper drive and days start to fly by like they have some sort of rocket strapped to them. As it stands now there are just 10 days until Christmas. TEN! That’s less than two weeks. Cue the need to strap a rocket to your backside and get in gear on this whole gift-buying thing. If you’re dragging on tackling that holiday shopping list, I’m here to help. I recently made the trip to Sawgrass Mills and knocked out a huge chunk of my list in one afternoon. Now I know what you Miamians may be thinking: Sawgrass Mills, that’s sooooooo far away. But really, it isn’t, especially when you consider what you…Read More

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Let’s Workout

{Wearing: c/o Peony Brocade Sports Bra and Brocade Print Legging in Deep Ultramarine.} In this post-Basel world, I’ve finally caught up on sleep, allowed myself to eat any and everything I wanted for a whole week, put up the Christmas tree, tackled some of the holiday shopping and squeezed in a few workouts. But there’s still so much left to do: holiday cards, mailing gifts, balancing school-less kid and work, which is why multitasking is imperative this time of year. And that’s where the invite below falls into play. Tuesday, December 15, I’m hosting Fitness, Fashion and Fun with Peony at Flying Lizard, a cool, new athleisure boutique, and JugoFresh. Pop over tomorrow between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. for a free workout class, ranging from full-body to yoga, then grab a complimentary juice and do some shopping. You can pick up cool looks for giftees on your list and snag…Read More