Beauty Board: Prettification

It’s spring, which means it’s practically summer in Miami. And that means looking fresh takes a little extra effort. It’s hot. Like hot, hot. How you’re supposed to look flawless and not break out into a sweat is nearly impossible. Here are a few weapons I’m carrying in my arsenal: Smell pretty: Beach days and summer go hand in hand. To keep the scent of mother ocean long past my last wave hop, I’ve opted for Balenciaga Paris l’Edition Mer, a mix of  hydroponic shiso leaves, yuzu, dry woods, wet floral blends and seashell accords. Find it at Neiman Marcus. Glow pretty: Glowing is one of those dressed-up Southern terms for sweating. But let’s face it, you’re not glowing. In fact, you’re sucking the life right of your skin. For a real glow, get Napoleon Perdis Light Switch Luminizer Palette. It’s an excellent secret weapon. Add to cheekbones to create a…Read More

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Melissa Shoes Aventura Celebrates It’s Grand Opening … With Mills!

It’s a shoe party and you’re all invited! Milly Jane Harris and I will be hosting the Melissa shoes grand opening party at Aventura Mall on March 31 from 5 to 8 p.m. and we would both love for you to be there. The Brazilian-born brand Melissa shoes is located next to Bloomingdale’s on the mall’s second floor in a 1,000-square-foot space. Feel free to bring the kiddos, because Melissa has adorbs shoes for the little ones dubbed Mini Melissa and Melissa Girls, too. I’m not saying Mills and I will be leaving in matching shoes (OK, that’s a lie). Expect a DJ, treats and more. Plus, print this little invite and get 15 percent off your entire purchase. See you there!

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The Big 3-7

{Wearing: Style Mafia dress. Necklace: Kore. Shoes: BCBG. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} How in the hell did I get to 37? I have zero clue how it happened. But it did. The older people get the more they tend to throw life advice at you, so as an elder stateswoman (but seriously I think internally I’m about 22), here’s my sage wisdom I’m going to share whether you like it or not (because that’s what old people do): Be happy: It really is that simple. Do what makes you happy. Be with people who make you happy. Enjoy. Live. Love. I know that sounds like some graphic tee at your local inspiration depot, but I’ve lived two sides of life thus far and the one where I’ve allowed myself to be happy feels that much better. Try it on. Walk around in it. See how it feels. Trust me. Dig up old music that you haven’t…Read More

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So Fresh and So Clean Clean

{Wearing: Bikini: Victoria’s Secret. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do a cleanse. I generally do them seasonally. I know, I know. Everyone thinks I’m nuts. Just imagine doing them in a pre-popular pressed juice world. Then people really thought I was crazy. But it’s not crazy. In fact, it’s enlightening. This go-round, I wanted to do something right before my birthday. For me, cleanses are like a reprogramming, a do-over, a hard reset. I wanted a clean start before I entered my 37th year, so I hopped on the Bikini Cleanse wagon. For seven days, it went a little something like this: Breakfast: Orange and vanilla smoothie. (This stuff is actually good. Like, really good.) Snack: Bikini Stick. You mix these little packets with water for energy and fat burning. They taste like raspberry. And that’s way better than chard, kale, mango, broccoli, like I’ve subjected myself to…Read More

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My Artful Winter Park Adventure

{Wearing: Top and Skirt: Style Mafia. Shoes: Aldo. Bag: Chanel.} I’ve always had a thing for art. I guess because it’s one outlet I can’t do, so I admire it. I don’t have a particular style or medium that I gravitate toward. I just like what I like because it speaks to me. Finds a little place inside of me and connects. So, when I got the opportunity to film the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival for Visit Florida, it was a good thing. The bonus? I kicked off the trip at the Alfond Inn. The hotel is known for its extensive art collection. And what I most loved about it was how modern it was. It was unexpected. And beautiful. Each piece managed to be placed next to perfect light. Here’s a look at a bit of it as well as my adventure. Obligatory jumping-on-the-bed shot. It’s just what…Read More

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I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me For the Week: Day 5

{Wearing: Top: Touch Boutique. Baroque Print Leggings: c/o Peony & Me. Boots: Vintage. Headband: Urban Outfitters. Photographed by me.} Well, I saved the most outrageous for last. Day 5, or as Milly calls it “French Revolution.” She’s on the money because these Peony & Me leggings are actually called Baroque Print, which neither of us were aware of until a little post-shoot Internet research. Aside from being on the money with the time period aspect, there’s a lot going on here. So, I had to ask: Me: Why this shirt? Mills: Because it looks like the French Revolution. Me: How? Mills: The puffy sleeves. And the boots look like a soldier. Me: And this wreath headband? Mills: I like the leaves. Me: Where would I wear this? Mills: To go shopping. Or a museum. I actually didn’t wear this one past the back yard. Mostly because I had to be in Winter…Read More

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I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me For the Week: Day 4

{Wearing: Crop top: c/o Susy Who. Leggings: c/o Peony and Me. Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag: c/o Zimmerman. Necklace: c/o Kore. Photographed by me.} It’s day four and Milly’s got me all dolled up in my new Peony and Me leggings, which I’m in love with. Blue and black is proving to be one of my new favorite combos. And anything with a hint of leather, well, you know me. Here’s what kiddo has to say about this one. Me: Where are we going in this outfit? Mills: On a date. Me: A date? You’re 6. What do you know about dates? Mills: I’m 6 and three quarters. Me: Same difference. Why the crop top with leggings (because that’s not normally in my wheelhouse)? Mills: Because, you have crop top-itis. Man, she knows me too well. I do have crop-itis. It motivates me to get my narrow butt to Pilates on the regular. Like I said, I normally wouldn’t pair a crop top with leggings,…Read More

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I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me for the Week: Day 3

{Wearing: Dress: Forever 21. Shoes: Zara. Bag: Vintage. Flower Crown: c/o American Eagle. Photographed by me.} It’s day 3 and Milly was full on ready to put me in a party dress. Milly: It’s like you’re human Barbie. Me: That’s the greatest thing you’ve ever said. Me: Where would I wear this? Milly: To a party, like my birthday party. Me: Why? Milly: Because of all the flowers. I actually love this look. It’s my favorite. Maybe because I’ve had this dress forever and never thought to put it with these shoes. The flower crown is a little much, but I would totally wear this to my next girly event.  

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I Let My Six Year Old Dress Me for the Week: Day 2

{Wearing: Top: Vintage. Skirt: Vintage. Shoes: Cessole Ballet Flat c/o Lacoste. Bag: Meet Spot Crossbody c/o LANY. Necklace: Vintage. Photographed by me.} It’s day two of letting Milly dress me. When I first saw this look, I thought human candy cane meets the fem version of Where’s Waldo. But after I got it on, I started to feel where she was going with it. Let’s just say she has no problem with patterns on patterns. Me: What do you call this look? Mills: Stripes! Me: Why did you put so many stripes together? Mills: Because I like red stripes. Me: Did you think it was too many stripes at one time? Mills: No, because I thought you looked like the American flag without the blue. Me: Why red shoes? That’s a lot of red. Mills: I like red. Me: Why a polka dot purse? Mills:  I like polka dots and stripes. Me: And the…Read More

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