No More Monkeys Jumpin’ on the Bed

If you’re wondering why I keep posted pics of myself jumping on beds on Instagram, well … When I was around 5, I was jumping on the bed with my neighbor. We were laughing and having a great time. So great, we were both like, “Why is the adult population so adamantly opposed to us jumping on beds? Damn grown-ups. Ruiners of fun. Abolishers of bliss. They just want to terminate any ounce of fun from our lives.” (And we said it just like that, too.) About 4.5 seconds later, I went for a monster jump, head-butted my neighbor and knocked one of his two front teeth right out of his head, creating a pothole in my own head where his tooth gouged me. And that’s when we realized those damn grown-ups might have been on to something. Fast forward 32 years and I’m back to jumping on the bed….Read More

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Neoprene and Netflix

{Wearing: “Vogue” Muscle Tee: c/o Kore. Neoprene Skirt: c/o Kore. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff. Necklace: T.J. Maxx Shoes: c/o Ecco.  Photographed by me.} Between blogging, being a mom and all that jazz, I’ve managed to binge watch yet another series. This time: Homeland. Normally, if you told me it was a show about terrorist attacks and the CIA, I would say pass, but the way things go with series lately, I’m all about watching things that don’t fit into my box. And I’m so glad I was able to think outside of that box because it was good, so good, I managed to get through four seasons in less than two months. I’ll just say this: Claire Danes is an amazing actress. Nobody, and I mean nobody, does crazy like Carrie. And trying to wrap my head around how Inigo Montoya has morphed from Spanish avenger to grandpa-esque badass kept me…Read More

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Free Things Thanks to Neiman Marcus and Estee Lauder

They say nothing in life is free. Not true. Not true at all. And I’m not talking about curb alerts on Craigslist either. In fact, I’ve found something that’s not only free, it’s fabulous. Now through January 25, Neiman Marcus nationwide is hosting its Up Close in-store event with Estee Lauder. The free in this find just happens to be a mod-inspired tote created by designer Lisa Perry. But it doesn’t’ stop there. Inside, find $225 worth of awesome freebies, like In the color department: Pure Color EyeShadows: Looking for shadows that go on creamy and stay put throughout your night out? Consider them found. Pure Color Lip Shades: Who doesn’t love new lipstick? Try these mix and match shades and prepare to fall in deep. Sumptuous Extreme Mascara: Estee Lauder makes my absolute favorite mascara. And this is a must for mascara junkies like myself. It goes on, stays…Read More

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Resolve This …

{Wearing: Crop Top: Shopblush.com. Grey Leopard Skirt: c/o shopblush.com. Bag: DVF c/o T.J. Maxx. Booties: Valentino. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris.} I’m not one for making resolutions. I mean, hey, if I did, I’d be beating myself up about the workouts I’ve skipped since January started, chastising myself for my Mexican Coke addiction and weighing myself down for not getting enough shut eye so I could dance the night away. I’m human. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to err. At least that’s how the saying goes. And while I’m not beating myself up for tripping along the way, here’s what I decided to turn my back on in the new year. If I never hear the songs “Waves,” “All About That Bass,” “Happy” or anything by Lorde again, I’m good. I’m turning my back on catchy, overplayed music DJs need to just let go of already. So long, expectations. My mom…Read More

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Remix: The Art of an AfterParty

{My favorite vintage party dress, may it rest in peace. It put up a good fight dancing the night away at Maria Tettamanti’s wedding and then it gracefully bowed out of rotation.} Fact: If it has a dress-up angle, I’m all in. And now that 2015 is in full swing, I have the first dress-up party of the year to add to the agenda. Perez Art Museum Miami’s (PAMM) annual gala, Art of the Party, is coming up on January 17, 2015 and I’m hosting the after party, cooly dubbed Remix. Use my discount code and get $150 0ff the ticket price. Then, you can join me for a night of dressing up, dining on desserts, drinking libations and dancing. With Louis Vuitton presenting the event, you know it’s going to be a fashionable affair. And i’m itching to get dolled up in this Alexis dress I’ve had waiting in…Read More

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