What to Wear on a Date

{Wearing: Date Night Dress: c/o Marshalls. Shoes: Aldo. Bag: The Find Auctions. Necklace: Isa Boutique. Photographed by me.} So, I’m dating. In Miami. Which is a whole book in and of itself. Let’s just say it’s interesting and leave it at that. I mean, I never in my wildest dreams thought that at 36 I’d be dating. But I am. In fact, the last time I dated, I was in my early 20s. It was a pre-social media, early era of cell phones kind of world. All of that technology has impacted—good or bad—the dating world. Today, you can log on to the Web, search someone’s name, see which friends you have in common, call said friend, ask where in the “cool or a creeper realm” the person falls and then set the ball into motion or put the breaks on with a screeching, grinding halt. Back in the dark…Read More



Confidence 101

{Wearing: Designer Dress: c/o Marshalls. Bag: c/o Marshalls. Leopard Heels: Guess. Photographed by the always entertaining Erin Newberg.} Here’s the awesome thing about working from home: I can stay in my PJs all the live long day, if I so choose. And I make that choice more than I’m willing to admit. Here’s the not so awesome thing: On those occasions when I need to take a meeting or go to an interview, I have to find something to wear. And sometimes (OK, most of the time) trying to peg the perfect outfit results in a trashed bedroom, a mad panic and a constant questioning of “Does this look OK,” because, let’s face it, how you dress has a large impact on your mood. In fact, a great pair of shoes, a new dress, even a fab bag can give you a boost of confidence. Out of 1,000 women surveyed…Read More



Mama, I’m Comin’ Home

{Wearing: Dress: c/o Kore Boutique. Statement Necklace: c/o Kore Boutique. Booties: via Bib + Tuck. Photographed by my Mama.} I live in Miami, which is in Florida (this is not geography for small children, so stick with me, there’s a point to this). My mom lives in what she thinks is Florida, but is actually the Panhandle, which technically is in the Sunshine State, but it’s a 10-plus hour drive away and is in a completely different time zone. Same state, different time zone. Riddle me that. Plus it gets cold there. And the flight home costs $500 and requires you to in most cases leave the state just to fly back into it. Oh, Florida. Because it is Florida, and I work as the Shopping Insider for the state at Visit Florida, I got to take a trip home to film a segment in Grayton Beach. Not only did…Read More



Gone Girl

{Wearing: Graphic Tank: c/o Ever Ivy Isabella Tank. Skirt: American Apparel Suede Circle Skirt. Shoes: Aldo Wedges. Necklace: Vintage. Photographed by me.} Soon enough below I’m going to say derogatory things about Gone Girl, which I know makes me that one percent who goes against the grain, so I’m going to try and win some points here before I lose some. My awesome graphic-print tank from Ever Ivy could be yours, along with a host of other cool things. One week from today on October 23, I’m giving away a Curated Fashion and Beauty Box from Ever Ivy that’s valued at $215. Inside the “Live Outside of the Box” giveaway, find: *An Ever Ivy Isabella Tank Print (value $167) *A Seraphina Hex Hybrid Necklace (value $48) *An Essie Nail Polish in Chinchilly (value $9) *An Ever Ivy Scented Soy Candle (value $18)  To enter, click here: mia.liveoutsideofthebox.com.  My comments are broken…Read More



Leather Weather

{Wearing: On Me: Dress: Touch. Moto Vest: Vintage. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bag: Marc Jacobs. Necklace: Vintage from Fly Boutique. Hair: Nue Todd at Nue Studio. On Kid: Top: Gap Kids. Leggings: Target. Booties: Gap Kids. Glasses: c/o OptiWow. Photographed by me.} In recent days, several things have happened to confirm it’s my favorite time of the year: 1) Pumpkin-flavored everything has taken over stores. 2) The Autumn Mix bag of candy corn has arrived. 3) My family is posting pics of the fall festival up north and dropping hints that divinity (my most favorite sweet treat ever) will arrive 4) The guy dressed as Super Mario is back on the corner swinging his Halloween store sign 5) At 8 a.m. in Miami, it’s now 79 degrees, instead of 92. Sure, that may still sound like “summer” to you non-Miamians, but here, it’s legit fall. It’s time to start riding my…Read More



GNO, the Three Little Letters Every Girl Lives For

{Wearing: Dress: Alexis. Necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Photographed by the always fun Shayne Benowitz.} What happens when you start a GNO (girls night out) at 4 p.m.? No, I’m not part of the early bird special crowd. There’s a legit reason why I hit the town dressed like I was headed for a night out in the middle of broad daylight. My Visit Florida partner in crime Kara Franker invited me to be part of a GNO she was filming for the site. I, of course, accepted. Girls nights out are like slumber parties for big girls, with frozen drinks instead of frozen bras and meeting actual boys instead of crank calling them. But 4 p.m.? Isn’t that a wee on the early side? Won’t 9 p.m. feel like midnight? Yes, yes and yes. But when you’ve got a camera crew that requires good lighting, you do what…Read More



The Normcore Invasion

{Wearing: Rebel Tee: Blush. Shorts: Mossimo. Booties: Steve Madden. Sunnies: Italia Independent. Braid: Blo Midtown Miami. Photographed by Milly Jane Harris. Normcore photographed by me.} The one, most-disturbing trend I kept seeing over and over again at NYFW was the normcore phenomenon. I find it disturbing because, well, I like my bra and undies, polish and lipstick and handbag and shoes to match, sometimes all at the same time. Maybe it’s my vintage girl tendencies. Maybe it’s my love of fashion. Maybe it’s my sense of taste, but normcore I am not. Dressing like I don’t care just isn’t in my blood. Nevertheless, fashion trends come and go, so let’s take a look at this one, shall we? But before we do, however, these pics of me above, this is about as “normcore” as I’m ever going to get and like my shirt says, it’s more punk than normcore, really….Read More



Bullseye …

{Moi Wearing: Leather Crop Top: Blush. Skirt: Blush. Booties: Bib + Tuck. Bracelets and Necklaces: c/o Target. Braids: Blo Midtown Miami.} In the event you haven’t heard me screaming from the rooftops this past week, I did an event with Target. And in the event you didn’t drive to Dadeland last Thursday (which, for those of us who live on the beach, is basically like visiting a far away land), to watch Ready, Set, Target Style, it went a little something like this … Why, is that Marie Claire Fashion Editor Zanna Rossi? Indeed it is, along with my latest obsession Courtney Kornegay.  Not only did Zanna help emcee the soiree, she was also a judge, along with our own Daniela Ramirez, Vashtie Kola and Rodner Figueroa. That’s me, making my big intro … in Nany’s braids from Fashion Week as a suck-up tactic. The objective: Using a classic white button-up, dress our muses for a first date…Read More