Braids and Waves

{Wearing: Top: H&M Crop Top. Shorts: Shopblush.com. Necklace: Touch Boutique. Bag: c/o LANY Handbags Half Crescent Clutch. Sunnies: Wildfox. Shoes: Vintage. Hair: c/o Tresemme. Photographed by me.} And now a world-altering, life-changing post. Just kidding. I’m going to talk about my hair. OMG, my hair. It’s so long, longer than it’s been in five and a half years. Do you know how real the struggle has been to get it to this point? Chances are if you’ve been anywhere near me in the past year you’ve heard me bitch about it at least 100 times. I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. I know inside I will always be that girl who chops off all her hair at the drop of a hat. But for now I’m going to keep riding this wave of letting it grow. Every now and then I get excited about having long-ish…Read More



Storm’s a-brewin’

{Wearing: (Me): Jacket: c/o K-Way Claudette Klassic Printed Logo Stripe. Shorts: ShopBlush.com. Shoes:  Converse c/o Sawgrass Mills. (On Kiddo): Jacket: c/o K-Way Calude Klassic Kids Printed Logo Stripe. Dress: H&M. Shoes:  Converse c/o Sawgrass Mills. Summer in Miami goes a little like this: Sunshine, 100 percent humidity, clouds that resemble the nothing, end of days rainstorm, sunshine and 10,000 percent humidity five minutes later. It’s the most predictable unpredictability ever. In fact, I’m pretty sure the weather man just puts rain on the forecast for the week from May through August and heads out on vacay, because he/she knows it’s going to happen at some point. And it does. Milly and I caught a wicked storm the other day. The winds were blowing so hard we couldn’t keep the hair out of our faces, hence the mustaches. We snapped these pics in our matching K-Way raincoats just before the first few drops…Read More



Shades of …

Everyone is talking about this 50 Shades of Grey trailer. Zero interest. I’m probably the only female on planet earth who didn’t read the book. I loathe overly popular chick lit—um, chick lit in general. Besides, I have a different shade to talk about. The other day I ran out of my usual foundation. As luck would have it, Almay sent me a its new Smart Shade to try out just days before. Makeup kismet? Yup. I applied it over my moisturizer and waited to see if the product would know which shade to stop at when it got to my pigment hue. How does that work, anyway? For starters, there are only three skin-tone adjusting shades to choose from (instead of hundreds like other brands), so finding the one for you isn’t a mission impossible. Confession: I’m really bad at finding which one is for me. With only three,…Read More



Do Not Disturb

{Wearing: Set from Touch Boutique. Photographed by me.} The best part of staying in a hotel … jumping on the bed! But as far as the people at Epicurean know, this never happened. I’m a totally respectable hotel guest. I recently took an overnight trip to Tampa for work and stayed at the Epicurean. The place is amazing. It’s a hotel designed around a gourmand experience  with walls made from vintage wine boxes. Clearly, my kind of spot. I’ve never explored Tampa, so when I found out the hotel had vintage-looking cruisers, I hit the street and started pedalling. The town sits just off the water’s edge and the buildings have a charming quality that begs to be photographed. Speaking of photographing, a local stopped their car and yelled at me to get off the tracks, because “train tracks are dangerous.” Um, only if trains are actually coming, but thanks for the warning. After…Read More



Beauty Board: Skin, Scents and Soaps

Take a Dip Diptique candles: My own personal long and wondrous obsession. Diptique skincare: I wasn’t aware the brand offered such a thing. But it does. And it’s glorious. The Nourishing Cleansing Balm, which, when rubbed on the skin turns into an oil, can remove makeup, even eye makeup when you pinch it on your lashes. The Multi-use Exfoliating Clay doubles as a scrub or a mask. The Infused Facial Water works like a toner, but can be used in lieu of water to wash away the Clay mask. The Moisturizing Protective Lotion SPF 15 wards off the sun’s damaging effects. And finally, the Radiance Boosting Powder, when mixed with water, washes away the day and leaves skin refreshed. Basically, it’s everything you need for your beauty regime and with everything interconnecting it’s like putting together the perfect beauty puzzle. Find it all at Neiman Marcus. The Summer Solution It’s…Read More



Want. Need. Must-Have: My Swim Week Obsession

{Dress: American Apparel Ponte Tank Dress. Shoes: Patricia Pratt. Bag: The Find Auctions. Bracelet: Vintage. Photographed by Angeles Almuna.} This is my last swim week post, I swear. I, too, have seen enough Lycra to make my retinas need a good heaping of sunscreen. On Friday night, the first night of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim, I threw on this red dress and made my way to the tents. This dress, by the way, is a girl’s best friend. I own it in three colors. Back to the point. The first night of shows I saw “it”—the “if I could only have one thing from all of swim week this would be it” piece. It all happened at the Wildfox show. The “it” being the blue terrycloth high-waisted Barbie suit with little cap sleeves. It was ’70s Malibu Barbie come to life. I could immediately see myself in it with…Read More



This One Time at Swim Week …

{Top: Forever21, Lucy One-Piece: c/o Wet Swimwear. Shoes: c/o TJ Maxx. Bag:  Meet Spot Crossbody c/o LANY. Sunnies: c/o Christian Roth. Photographed by Steffy Degreff.} First things first: No, I don’t think I’m Madonna or Beyonce or any other one-named celeb who can just roam the earth in a leotard and heels and pretend pants don’t exist. I started off the day in pants. I swear. Legit pants. Actually, they were knit shorts made by my buddy Karelle Levy of Krel Wear. They were purple, short-short, high-waisted and adorable. I tied up my button-up, threw on some wedges and headed over to the Wet Swimwear party at the Delano. What a fun fete. The brand was kind enough to suit me up in its adorable Lucy one-piece. The pink pop, the retro shape, the belt! I couldn’t wait to wear it. The rest of the bloggers, dolled up in Wet’s suits, and…Read More



Breakfast With Tory Burch

{Top: c/o Peixoto Flamingo One-Piece. Shorts: : c/o French Connection. Kimono: ShopBlush.com. Bag: Meet Spot Crossbody c/o LANY. Belt: Vintage. Shoes: Just Cavalli Wedges. Photographed by Simonett Pereira of Style Mafia.} When life hands you swim week in Miami in July, wear a bathing suit as much as humanly possibly. Why? Because it’s hot. And everything takes place outside. And it’s Miami. In July. For instance, I turned my Peixoto Flamingo one-piece into a body suit for breakfast with Tory Burch. I wasn’t the only one in a suit either. The models were showcasing the resort 2015 collection, so I felt like I fit right in. The breakfast was delightful. Yummy treats, mimosas and beautiful prints for the new season, all overlooking Miami Beach from the penthouse at Soho Beach House. I snapped a few pics of my favorite things, like the pineapple prints, the beautiful red patterns, awesome slip-on shoes and…Read More

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Mara Hoffman is the Queen of Swim Week

{Dress: Mara Hoffman Racerback Maxi Dress c/o Zappos.com. Headpiece: So Good Jewelry. Cuff: Flea market find. Bag: Hunting Season. Photographed by Maria Tettamanti.} There, I said it. After days of looking at tribal prints at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim, none can hold a candle to those created by Mara Hoffman. Her colors, her patterns, her shapes, her textures—they are untouchable. Every year I look forward to her show, like hundreds of other fashionistas. Is it the boho factor that sucks us in? Perhaps, but I think it’s also the added extra fashion element. We see her cover-ups and know we won’t just be wearing it to the beach. It’s going to be our Saturday day/night dress, too. She gets a Miami girl’s style. And this year was no exception. This year Hoffman broke her mold. She changed up her game. The fictional globetrotting bohemian who inspires her looks (who last year took…Read More