3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

I realize I’ve fallen off the grid, but I’ve been up to some pretty awesome stuff. Just last week I shot the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target piece for the opening party to be held in New York at Fashion Week. The designer picked six cities across the U.S. to do a panoramic interactive installation for his soiree, and I got to be a part of it. It went a little something like this. Up first, a trip to Target’s beauty trailer where I got my hair done using Umberto hair products. Then wisked to makeup for a Pixie brand makeover. Next stop: The collection. Trust me when I tell you it’s good. The bags are amazing. And the leather pieces are stunning. This jacket and I are meant to be together. So, yes, get in line early because there will be a rush a la Missoni for the collection…Read More



Balance of Power

{Classic Racerback Top: c/o Albion Fit. Capri Yoga Pants: c/o Albion Fit.} I’m about to get all hippie dippy. Thanks to my awesome yoga classes with Cat Haayen I’ve found some much-needed Zen. And with it, the realization that yoga—beyond just being an exercise outlet— replicates life. Both are a balancing act. Lean too far in one direction and you topple over. Lean too far the other and you’ll get the same result. In yoga it’s about using your core strength to stay grounded. In life, it’s about finding strength in your core to stand up straight when life attempts to knock you down. Challenging, yes. But shocking and fun when you realize you can balance your body’s weight on the heel of your hand. Here I am in my Albion Fit yoga gear (watch out LuluLemon, this stuff is awesome) doing a little balancing act of my own. Photographed…Read More



Mud Slinging

{Mask: c/o GlamGlo SuperMud. Lipstick: c/o Cle de Peau Beaute Extra Rich Lipstick in 206 with holder. Find all three at Neiman Marcus.} Skincare products and lazy Sunday afternoons go together like tequila and lime. Yesterday, I decided to play spa and tried out my GlamGlo Supermud mask. This is what we girls do when we get new products and are left up to our own devices. Ask the FedEx guy. He’s caught me mid beauty product test run one too many times. Supermud calls itself a “facial in a jar,” and was created for backstage acts who needed to look camera-ready— stat. Since it was a lazy day and I had nowhere to go and certainly no cameras to mug for, I just decided it would be fun to give myself an at-home facial. All that was missing were the cucumbers for my eyes. So, on it went. In…Read More



Ring Around the Rosie

{Floral statement necklace: c/o Accessory Fanatic. Top: Zara.} Since I chopped off my hair eons ago, I’ve had to forego earrings. They don’t work with the bob. My next go-to accessory: the statement necklace. The problem with statement necklaces is they do just that, they make a statement. And triple, quadruple, etc .. wears become a little too memorable. Wear it too much and you become that girl in that necklace. So, love your statement necklace, wear it wisely. Then, move on to the next one. The best way to do this: Accessory Fanatic. Owner Stephanie Nickolich wisely keeps her statement necklaces (she also carries rings, earrings, bracelets and more) at under $35 for the most part, which means you can wear your necklace just enough, move on to the next one and not have to worry about breaking the bank. So what do you do with those statement pieces…Read More



Me vs. The Reformer: A Pilates Tale

{Workout gear: Lululemon. Tank: Forever 21.} I’m a yogi. It’s my happy place. It’s also the only workout I’ve ever been able to get into. And believe me, I’ve tried plenty. There was the summer I decided to run—and wound up with shin splints so bad I thought someone with a Ginger voodoo doll was torturing me. Then, there was the time I decided to spin. That seat and my ass are never, ever, ever getting back together. And how can I forget the summer Maria Tettamanti talked me into joining the boxing gym? Let’s face it, I’m a lover, not a fighter. Crossfit? No thanks. Ever. So when Maria invited me to Pilates at The Pilates Place with teacher Jackie Weiner, I thought, “Here we go again.” There’s something about her and the summer months that make me venture off the yoga mat and into experimental workouts. And after…Read More



This Summer …

{Paisley print bikini: c/o Huit and available at Asos.} What a long, strange trip it’s been. And by that I mean this summer. The summer of 2013 has been a game changer. A life lesson learner in terms of everything from work to life to love. And I can’t help but feeling like it’s Milly’s last summer as my sweet baby girl. In a week, kiddo will start Kindergarten, catapulting her into the big girl zone. I guess it’s the summer we both grew up a little more than we intended to. And we made the most of it: with long, beautiful weekends at the beach, watching the day transform into evening. Hiding under towels when the storm clouds unexpectedly rolled in. And tossing them aside when they retreated just as quickly to the re-emerging sun. Dance parties in the living room. Anthems blaring in the car as we sang along…Read More



Out Damn Spot

It’s another makeup Monday, which means it’s time to hone in on the latest skin drama: pigmentation issues.  Sunspots, those lovely dark places you get when you are pregnant (that stick around long after you aren’t), acne scars—isn’t having skin so much fun? Sigh. Doctor’s recommend creams like Tri-Luma, but I hear long-term it causes the problem to worsen. Rumors that it’s even been pulled off the market in Europe persist, too. So what’s a girl to do to get spotless? My three solutions: You could honestly go for broke when it comes to pigmentation fixes (Tri-Luma is over $100). Until now. Nip + Fab Pigmentation Fix skin tone corrector is kind of a steal. It’s just $15.95 at Target. It uses Vitamin C, olive leaf extract and  Illumiscin to erase little imperfections. Give it at least two weeks before you start to see changes. At three months in, you would…Read More



Almost Famous

{Famous Mackenna slogan tee: c/o Bikini: c/o Vitamin A. Sunnies: c/o Italia Independent.} Check out this sneak peek of the 2014 line from Vitamin A. The eco-friendly bikini (it’s made from Repreve recycled fibers) is perfect for the beach and not bad for the environment either. Environmentally friendly bikinis are kind of brilliant. Before we know it, all the famous celebs out there will be wearing them, making it a win-win for Mother Earth and fashion. And speaking of famous, this cute slogan tee from made me think while I was wearing it. I mean suppose someone comes up to me and says, “Oh yeah, what are you famous for?” So here’s a list of my accomplishments that might land me in the big time (you know, just in case someone asks): Famous baker: I can make berry muffins and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies like nobody’s business. Famous…Read More



Jo Malone’s Top Secret New Scent

Government secrets—who needs ’em. I’ve got an in on some super juicy beauty news. Jo Malone, the delicious London fragrance company, has a new scent launching this fall. And it’s not your average floral or fruit fragrance either. In fact, the scent is kind of revolutionary. Although I’m not allowed to reveal what the new aroma is, I can tell you to look for the big announcement November 1, when it hits shelves. It’s an out-of-the-box surprise that you normally wouldn’t think of when it comes to fragrance, but it works. And it works well. Let’s just say its spicy. And leave it at that.    

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