Summer Swim Trends

View more videos at: http://nbcmiami.com.     In case you missed it yesterday, here’s my piece on swim trends for NBC 6 in the Mix.    



Sittin’ on Top of the World

{Dress: c/o Ramona LaRue. Shoes: c/o Mia Shoes. Arm Party: Lola James Jewelry. Necklace: c/o Birks Muse Collection} A couple of week ago I filmed a swimsuit segment for NBC 6. It just happens to air today at 11:30 a.m. I’ll be sure to post it this week, in case you are stuck at your 9-to-5. We filmed at at Sense Beach House‘s most adorable rooftop which overlooks the heart of South Beach, making it the perfect setting to talk about swim trends for the summer. I decided on a bold pop of a dress from Ramona LaRue for myself and decked my models out in some of my favorite styles for plopping into the pool. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how it all went down. Telling it like it is. Big thanks to Matt for being super awesome and filming all our antics. That’s a wrap. Lounging poolside with my fem…Read More



Cuff ‘Em: Win My Swarovski Cuff

{Dress: Alexis. Necklace: Fly Boutique Vintage. Cuff: c/o Swarovski. Shoes: Steve Madden.} Sometimes it’s the most simple silhouette that is the most dynamic. At least that’s how I feel about this Alexis frock. I love it so much, I own it in two hues: black and white. Add a statement necklace, toss on a cuff and you’re set. It’s the perfect backdrop for an attention-stealing accessory. And speaking of accessories, you can win my Swarovski cuff. To enter: Like my Facebook page here. Like Swarovski’s page here. Leave a comment on this post letting me know you’ve done both and be sure to include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. Increase your chances by following me on Instagram here. The winner will be randomly selected on July 9. Good luck. Photographed by David Marc Harris.                  



The Highs and Lows

{Hi-low Dezi Dress: Shopblush.com. Shoes: Jimmy Choo platform wedges. Necklace and bracelets: Vintage. Clutch: GiGi New York at Petite Chic.} Well, I did it. I finally caught up on Mad Men. I did about six seasons in two months (factor in work, kid, life to explain why it took so long). And apparently, I did so just in time for the season finale, which aired last night. Talk about good timing. So here’s what I think of the show: It’s effing fantastic. Peggy is by far my favorite character. And Don Draper is the biggest sorry sack I’ve ever watched on TV. The man is brilliant, but pathetic. You love him. You hate him. You want to pelt him with a carton of Lucky Strikes. Ah, the mark of good writing. Also on my down and outs: Pete Campbell. What an arrogant, cocky mess of a man. I’d like to pelt him with Don’s empty booze bottles—and…Read More



George Women’s Clothes—What’s New

  {Summer dress? Yes, please!} Time for an online shopping break. And—thank me later—I found an affordable one, too. If you like to keep up with the latest trends but don’t have the bank balance of a supermodel (who does), take solace in George at ASDA and its range of women’s clothes. With an ever-changing stock of new season styles, all at tiny supermarket prices, you can afford to add to your wardrobe whenever you like. Shopping for women’s clothes at George at ASDA is also super simple. Indulge in online shopping—preferably with your feet up and a glass of wine or nice cup of tea in hand.   ‘70s Boho A personal favorite, ‘70s boho is back. This laidback trend is ultra wearable and best suited to casual occasions. Pick up the Pearlescent and Diamante Trim Top in pink or blue and pair with faded flares for a super cute…Read More

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The First Day of Summer Has Arrived

{Bikini: Karina Grimaldi. Fedora: Vintage. Sunnies: Forever 21.} The first of summer is here. And after combatting an inbox with 500 “guess what Kim Kardashian is wearing now that she’s a mom” press releases, tracking trends, meeting daily deadlines, playing cabbie to a kid who won’t be able to drive for another 11 years and battling a mockingbird looking to fill his empty nest pre-dawn, I’ smacking my laptop shut, throwing on my Karina Grimaldi bikini, slapping on some Hampton Sun sunscreen and hitting the beach with my closest and dearest gal pals. We call it Fancy Friday, and it’s the working girl’s saving grace. So much so, I find myself working on Sundays and double-timing it Monday through Thursday so I can squeeze in a little toes in the sand time. We share, we nap, we sun, we laugh. We pretend the summer clouds rolling in don’t exist so…Read More



New Hair App Alert: Stylez App

  {Finally, a new app that makes locking down celeb styles easy peasy.} I’m about to utter two words that will change the future of your hair forever: Stylez App from Hair Construction. Here’s why: You walk into a salon with a pic of super celeb’s hair ‘do. You wave said pic in front of your stylist. You sit through your new mane-in-the-making while visions of great new hair dance around in your head. You spin around for your big reveal and …. It’s not anything like the look in your pic. It’s time to end bad hair. Forever. And just exactly how can you make that happen? By donating to the Stylez App Kickstarter campaign. The app, which, in and of itself, is a pretty brilliant concept, comes from the Hair Construction team in Europe. Twice a year, the team, who work on the big stage for L’Oreal, Wella,…Read More



Angry Birds

{Dress: BCBG crochet lace. Shoes: D&G wedges. Belt: Fly Boutique Vintage. Necklace: Vintage.} And now, tales from a cranky Miami fashion blogger: Nature, it’s a beautiful thing … until it wakes you up at 3:30 a.m. every single night for a solid week. Then, it’s just a bitch—and frankly, so am I. But not without cause. You would be too if you spent the wee hours of the morn pelting ficus bushes with rocks. Apparently, summer in Miami is mockingbird mating season. And the beaked and winged heathens are territorial, so once they pick a spot, they aren’t moving out or keeping it down until they find the bird equivalent to a South Beach hussie. So all night its birdie testosterone muscle flexing via song. It’s literally like LIV in my driveway. And this guy isn’t a ladies bird, if you know what I mean, because he’s a week in…Read More



State and Mane

{Braided metallic headbands: c/o Goody FashioNow.} And now a whole post where all I do is talk about my hair (one of the many side effects of being a girl). The bob and I have come to a crossroads. About two months ago I made a decision to grow out my hair. Why? Because thanks to The Great Gatsby, I feel like everyone and their mom, plus my vet, are rockin’ my bob. And the whole reason why I loved said cut was because no one else had it. Alas, now everyone does and I’m not willing to go shorter to be different (growing your hair over your ears is a mother), so all that’s left is to welcome back my long locks. Inside, I’ll always be a short-hair girl, and as soon as the rest of the world starts growing out their bob, I’ll most likely go back to…Read More