Four Finds From Target’s Upcoming Collab With Feed

{Scarves. That white with the red is going to be pretty pretty pretty hard to pass up.} Save the date for June 30, when Lauren Bush Lauren and Target partner up for the FEED + Target collab. FEED, as I’m sure you know, is the world’s largest hunger relief charity. The line will feature 50 items, including apparel for him and her, priced anywhere from $3 to $400. And each piece will show the number of meals that Feeding America will donate when you snatch up an item. Are we branching out into new territory here? Maybe designer collabs that give back are a new spin on this grown-tired trend. We already know the quality isn’t where it should be for most of these brands, but adding in the charity angle seems like a noble cause and more of a reason to shop. Of course, FEED already has a built-in…Read More



You’re Makin’ Me Blush

{Dress: c/o Necklace: Vintage. Shoes: Zara.} At least once a week, my story goes a little something like this: Drive to West Avenue, loop around for parking for forever, cram car in an illegal space, run into JugoFresh for an Ashram (grapefruit squeezed with cayenne and other kinds of things that make you feel like you can breathe fire, but man, so good), casually pass by Blush’s window and get sucked in to a cute pair of shorts or a nice backless top, a pair of leggings, a cream hi-low skirt for summer … the allure is endless. And it just got that much better. Now I can get sucked in via the web as Blush is now online. The virtual shop carries all the staples, like shorts, which you will need to get through Miami summer, essential frocks for the season and tops in every shape, cut and…Read More



Taking the Plunge

{On me: Bikini: L Space by Monica Wise at The Orchid Boutique. On kid: Tankini: Target.} Fact: My kid totally swims better than I do. And she always has. I’ll just chalk this up to the fact that I grew up in a landlocked state and she grew up on the only peninsula in the U.S. It’s not for lack of trying though. My mom dragged me off to swimming lessons and when it came time to fetch the rings at the bottom of the Olympic-size swimming pool, I bribed the kid next to me to pick up my three while he was down there anyway. But come summer, despite my landlocked tendencies, I still like to take the plunge. Vivitar was kind enough to gift me this awesome DVR 850 W rechargeable underwater camera that captures you holding your breathe underwater (or me holding my nose) up to 5…Read More



Inside, Outside, Upside Down

{Ladies Random Thoughts Tee: c/o Danyel (P.S. the softest tee on the planet). Shorts: Forever 21. Pink/Black Deborah Sneakers: c/o Dr. Lisa Therafit.} When it comes to life, sometimes, you have to change your perspective—or at least that’s what Future Islands says in the song “Balance.” And I’ve got a balancing act of my own going on in this pic, but sometimes you just have to look at things in a different way to see where they are coming from. Here’s the play-by-play so you know where I’m coming from:   “You can clean around the wound But if you want it to heal It just takes time And you can call up to the moon But if you want something to change You gotta change your life And take your time   It just takes time It just takes time It just takes time All of your time   And…Read More



Trend Alert: Summer White Arm Party

Turquoise, neon, organic, mint, coral—the “in” color comes and goes (sometimes faster than you can squeeze in a second wear). But when it comes to summer, white is always a staple shade. From investment pieces to seasonal faves, give your wrist a white out. Besides, it will make your tan pop that much more.  Watch and Learn Watches are the ultimate anchor to any white-washed arm party. Whether blinded out or mod, time waits for no one but it will be on your side if you fasten on one of these pieces from Chrono 24 (website here). Call the mod squad on this Chrono 24 Belle & Ross BR-S Ceramic Quartz 39mm.   The patterned band on this Chrono 24 Hublot Big Bang Aspen All White Ceramic 41mm is playful. But the face is simply stunning. Brace(let) Yourself Add to the mix a mish moss of bracelets and voila, instand arm party. Flower power…Read More

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Crazy Pants

{Touch Boutique pants. Alexis top. Elizabeth and James shoes. Fly Boutique vintage necklace.} In my grandmother’s backyard is the most perfect tree for crawling up into. And that’s exactly what I did when I was a kid. I’d wedge myself between the branches, lifting and pulling, until I reached my limit. Then, I’d sit on the branch and take it all in. One day on my way back down, however, I left my good grace behind, got stuck on a branch, ripped my pants and was left hanging there, like a human Christmas tree ornament. Thankfully, I didn’t get these wild ones stuck in a branch. But climbing trees in platform wedges is a feat in and of itself. You can find these shoes on Bib + Tuck. Use the code electricblogarella to become a member. And seriously, make a date to clean out your closet this weekend and list your stuff. Your reward? Free…Read More



Coral and the Sky

{Bag: Botkier Ludlow mini satchel. Owl Sandals: Forever 21 + Melissa Shoes.} Last year, when I was sitting on my back porch in very non-wilderness-esque Miami Beach, I heard a weird sound coming from a tree in the neighbor’s backyard. And soon after, that sound yielded a large white owl that would spread its wings and fly from treetop to treetop. Soon after, I spotted not one, not two, but four of the majestic creatures flying over my speck of grass on the beach and taking up residence in a hollowed-out tree in a neighboring yard. Summer eventually came and the owls disappeared. The neighbor cut down the tree and I assumed the displaced owls found a new place to live. But not so long ago, I heard that familiar sound and soon after saw one of the beautiful creatures against the backdrop of the moonlit sky. They’ve returned. They’ve…Read More



Stripe It Rich

{Empire Dress: c/o Ronen Chen. Necklace: Ebay. Shoes: Steve Madden.} My obsession with this Oscar de la Renta black and white maxi dress started earlier this season. And since then, I haven’t been able to get it off the brain. But pining for things isn’t my style. If I like it enough, I’ll find something to satisfy the craving without breaking the bank. Besides, in reality, where would I wear that? This option from Ronen Chen is a much more practical, yet still completely stunning. Throw on heels and it’s an eventful dress. Slip on sandals and it’s a casual maxi. But don’t take my word for it. You have a chance to win a Ronen Chen dress of your own. Be it this one or another one of its many options, which you can find here. Enter here by filling in your e-mail address for your chance to win at $150…Read More



Brand New Bag

{Bag: c/o Hayden-Harnett Pieced Out Dome Satchel. Shoes: c/o Mia Limited Edition Vixen. Dress: Vintage slip. Bracelet: Vintage.} Fact: I will never be one of those girls who can just up and leave the house with a bag the size of a coin purse. Why? Because in addition to normal stuff, like a phone, Altoids and 14 extra lip glosses, I’ve got weird carry-on items like Disney princess dominos, fabric swatches from my curtains and couch, a tape measure, a Tide stick, paper tape, my camera and a teddy bear named Pinky. (Don’t ask.) I need something that’s got space. And lots of it. Case in point, my Hayden-Harnett Pieced Out Dome Satchel. Not only is it buttery soft (and such a pretty shade of fuchsia), it fits the sun, moon, stars and a small pink bear. And it matches my Mia Shoes to a T. That whole thing about your…Read More