I Steal Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Hair and Makeup

As unofficial president of the girls-with-short-hair club, I was elated to see major celebs sporting pixie cuts at the Oscars this year: Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, and Anne Hathaway. And when Van Michael Miami Salon asked me to be the short hair model for their Deco Drive Oscar makeover story, I, of course, said yes. A celeb-style makeover:  that’s a no-brainer. With Leslie Munsell giving makeup transformations and Jessica Richardson killing it in the celeb hair department, it went a little something like this: Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet getting her reverse chignon updo and makeup on a la Jennifer Lawrence. In lieu of Anne’s awful high beam hinting gown, I’m wearing my vintage beaded dress and Pour la Victoire shoes. Me pretending to be Anne Hathaway, Jalene as Reese Witherspoon in old Hollywood waves, Crystal as Jennifer Hudson in sleek and straight and Annie as Jennifer Lawrence all done up. I’m rocking…Read More



Trending Right Now: Boxes

Remember when grandma used to send you care packages full of gum, bookmarks, stickers and a $5 bill tucked into an envelope? And thus my obsession with getting stuff in the mail began. Now I wait at the door like a sentry soldier for the UPS guy to bring me a little somethin somethin. Apparently, I’m not alone. Box-based companies have turned what my granny did organically  into a business. The best part: No obligatory thank you card required. Your credit card payment is thanks enough for boxes from OliveBox, GlossyBox and Blissmo. For paper-o-philes, OliveBox ships wood-grained wonders out monthly. Inside, find books, letter presses, notecards, stickies, calendars, etc … all playing into the month’s theme, like all things Paris for February. You can read, chicken scratch, get crafty and drop a line to your real Nana, thanks to everything inside the box. Memberships start at $25 and go up…Read More



Excess Baggage

{Swimsuit: c/o Maio Swim by Monica Wise, available at theorchidboutique.com. Shirt: Base. Sunnies: c/o Lacoste. Bag: c/o Hayden Reis. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Bangle: Vintage.} The worst job I’ve ever had in my entire life happened the summer of my senior year of high school. I got hired by a resort in Destin, Florida to drive around a golf cart, pick up tourists and take them to the beach. When they needed my services, they’d beep me the number of the house they were staying in, I’d pull up to the front door, load them in and drive them to the end of the street. It sounded ideal, a summer in the sun. But it grew old, fast. Eight hours a day, I’d pull up to an Easter egg-colored house on the resort’s property, wait for an army of sunburnt tourists in zinc oxide-covered noses to toddle out of their house, weighted down with one or two…Read More



Live From the Today Show in Miami

When the Today show called last Friday to ask me to do a segment on my version of Miami style, I jumped for joy. What an amazing opportunity to let the world know about the talent we have here in Miami. So, I set out to dress my models in Miami-designed brands. Using some of my favorites, I put two looks together, as well as one for myself. Here is the video from this morning’s segment featuring how we do it in Miami when it comes to getting dressed up. Such an awesome experience. In case you’re wonder where to find what me, Marcella and her daughter Siena are wearing, here’s the breakdown: On Marcella: Ramona LaRue Tara dress, Espiritutara bracelets and necklaces, Amorium Jewelry ring, Vintage Reign crossbody bag, Mia Shoes wedges. On her daughter: Matching dress from Ramona LaRue and bracelets worn as anklets from Espiritutara. On me:…Read More



Back in Black and White

During Basel, I sat in on a lunch for Harper’s Bazaar where I got word that black and white stripes and patterns were going to be en vogue for spring. Let’s be honest, even if they weren’t, I was still going to wear them anyway. But knowing they were filled me with the kind of joy you get when you find the last pair of size 7s on the clearance rack. I have a block of my closet dedicated  to the color combo. Some of it is new. Most of it is vintage. Here’s an example I unearthed for a wedding I attended this past weekend when it was way cold and I needed sleeves. It wants to be Pucci, but it isn’t, but that’s OK because it is still on point for the season. Funny how something I scored it at thrift store adventure in Fort Lauderdale a decade…Read More



What to Spring for

Spring trends: What are they, how will you wear them and what can you drag over from previous seasons so you don’t have to break the bank, all the topics of today’s posts. So, let’s get started, shall we? Say goodbye to that cross body you’ve been carrying (I know, it pains me, too. I love having two free hands) and get hands on with a tote. Also en vogue: White. Personally, I’ve only ever bought one white bag in my life. And about two weeks into owning it, something black I was wearing transfered from me to my bag and my pure as snow purse became one quarter zebra. Magic Eraser couldn’t erase it. The shoe repair guy couldn’t fix it. And the dry cleaner said it was a done deal. My two cents: If you are going to carry a white bag, plastic is pretty fantastic. Flowers and…Read More



Look Both Ways Before Crossing

My dad introduced me to the Beatles when I was a kid. And hubby and I introduced Milly to them right after she was born. We’re all big fans. So, when I went on the Miami Art Museum bike tour of Wynwood a couple of weekends ago and I spotted this tripped out crosswalk, the first thing I thought of was a modern day Abbey Road. It’s a work commissioned by Miami Biennale and the Knight Foundation by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez and dedicated to the late Tony Goldman, the man who made Wynwood happen. And it’s the first-ever artistic cross walk in Miami. Upon seeing it, I got the idea to shoot kiddo and I re-interpreting the album cover. And that’s exactly what we this past weekend on a brisk Sunday morning. Just down the street, Art Wynwood was showing local artists’ work in a Basel-style tent. And here we…Read More



I Heart That: Win a Lola James Love Necklace

Hopeless romantic? Nah, not me. I can’t stand chick flicks. I don’t read chick lit. But I do believe in love. The kind that lasts forever. I guess that’s because I found mine already. But it’s hardly a fairytale. Well, maybe a modern-day one. It goes a little something like this: David and I met in college at a paper we worked at together. He insulted me the first time I ever talked to him. I threw something at him. He’d ask me out every now and then. I’d always say no. One night, almost a year later, I kissed him on the back porch of our office. Later that night, I called and threatened to break his legs if he told anyone. Fast forward 12 years, we’re married with a kiddo. True love? You bet. Actually, he’s my best friend. And I don’t know what I’d do without him….Read More



My Warby Parker Joy Ride

{Cardigan and shorts: The gigantic new Forever 21 on Lincoln Road. Scarf: Ramona La Rue. Bag: Vintage Reign. Cuffs: Lola James.} Sunny days, art in public places, a sky blue retro beach cruiser, and a handy dandy map: the ingredients for Miami Beach Art Circuit, courtesy of The Standard Spa Miami Beach and Warby Parker. I was thrilled when both brands asked me to take their latest addition to the hotel for a spin. You see, guests at The Standard can hop on a complimentary Warby Parker bike, grab a color-coordinated map and see what Miami Beach’s art scene is all about. On a glorious Friday, with barely a cloud in the sky, that’s exactly what I did. And it was a blast. My outfit inspiration for the day: Parisian chic meets beautiful day for a bike ride. All that was missing: A bike and a pair of sunnies. Thankfully,…Read More