What to Spring for

Spring trends: What are they, how will you wear them and what can you drag over from previous seasons so you don’t have to break the bank, all the topics of today’s posts. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Say goodbye to that cross body you’ve been carrying (I know, it pains me, too. I love having two free hands) and get hands on with a tote. Also en vogue: White. Personally, I’ve only ever bought one white bag in my life. And about two weeks into owning it, something black I was wearing transfered from me to my bag and my pure as snow purse became one quarter zebra. Magic Eraser couldn’t erase it. The shoe repair guy couldn’t fix it. And the dry cleaner said it was a done deal. My two cents: If you are going to carry a white bag, plastic is pretty fantastic.

Flowers and spring are like allergies and spring. They just go together whether you like it or not. So grab some bud-like bracelets and stack ’em high, because bangles en mass aren’t going out of style anytime soon either. This one from Oscar de la Renta, (photographed by candicebenjamin.com) is stunning. But yours need not be as decadent to be in bloom.

I wear my transparent arm party about as often as I breathe. So I was over the moon when Valentino, Dior, Chloe and Michael Kors sent see-through bangles down the runway. Kors’ cuff, by the way, is amazing. Whether worn singularly or a mile high, this trend is mod, chic and works with everything. Are we clear on that?

Boho is fashion’s zombie. It never dies. Each spring it climbs out from the depths and lands on the runway, bringing with it funky prints and flowing accents like fringe. Nina Ricci, Kenzo and Versace all got in on the movement. Affordable alterative, if you haven’t hopped on the trend before, this one from Juels Smith is only $70.

And finally, the spring accessory trend I’m not jumping up and down over: short, square heels. From the 5’2″ and under crowd: No. Please, no. Even if it is Balenciaga, like this shoe above, I can’t. I won’t. It’s like wicker furniture in the front, child’s building block in the back. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my platforms are calling. Ta ta.