The Big Reveal: The Harris Family Halloween Costume

I don’t cook Thanksgiving dinner. And I certainly don’t slave over a hot stove  for Christmas or Hanukkah. But I can whip up a Halloween costume. This year, based on kiddo’s obsession with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, not that Johnny Depp junk), we went with a Willy Wonka theme. And since kiddo’s name rhymes with the main character from the flick, we decided Milly Willy Wonka was absolutely perfect. The setback? No one wanted to paint themselves orange and go as an Oompa Loompa. So I had to get the wheels churning on how to transform the Harris clan into sideshow characters for the candy man. And then it hit me: Wonka bars and chocolate kisses. Side note: Four years ago, I wanted to buy red jumpsuits for Milly’s first Halloween costume. (She was a puppy and we were dog catchers). Hubby objected to the price tag…Read More



The “White” Stuff

There are three people I want to meet before I die: Jane Pratt, Wes Anderson and Tom Wolfe. When I found out Wolfe would be at the Miami Book Fair, I got that waking-up-on-Christmas-morning-and-running-to-the-tree-to-see-my-new-bike/Barbie castle/puppy rush every kid gets on December 25. I’ve admired Wolfe since college, where I studied his work. He’s a rule-breaker, a game-changer, the father of new journalism. In short, he is a genius. Just read The Electric Kool-Ade Acid Test. Here’s what else I love about Wolfe: His style. He rocks a white suit everywhere he goes. He’s been doing it since the ’60s. The Southern gentleman, who wrote a letter to my professor, also composes all his correspondence in calligraphy. (I mean of course he does. I’m sure he does it with a plumed pen, too.) Taking a page from Wolfe’s signature style, I put together this inspired look. {Jill Stuart white linen suit….Read More



Halloween Part One: The Tattooed Lady and The Snake Charmer

Halloween may not officially be here yet,but I’ve already donned a costume and attended several parties for unofficial Halloween weekend. This year’s theme: A couple of characters from the circus sideshow. I went as the tattooed lady, and hubby got a makeover as a snake charmer. Here’s how it all went down.   The inspiration for my costume: A tattooed lady from the 1920s. I started with temporary tattoos my super awesome husband helped me make. We ordered make-your-own tattoo paper off the Internet. Then, we found tattoos from the ’20s, mostly with a nautical theme, sized them in photoshop, printed them on the paper, cut them out and applied them. It was a big undertaking, but it was the only way I could find the tattoos that fit the era. Next, a trip to Van Michael, where Todd gave me finger waves and curls and Stephanie gave me makeup…Read More



Four Finds From Havaianas

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy and her feeder bands, I thought a Four Finds about  rubber shoes that can endure waking through water was a necessity. Plus, I spent a lot of time in flip-flops going to and from yoga. But here’s the thing about flip-flops at yoga: Everyone wears black ones, black ones they leave outside the door in a big flop pile. And when you walk out of a class, all zen-ed out from here to Nirvana, you just grab the first pair of black rubber sandals you see. And that’s how I’ve lost about 10 pairs of flip-flops. The solution: A funky pair of Havaianas. The colorful insides scream, “Back up, sista, those are mine!” And if they should happen to say get wet, say, during a tropical storm, no big deal. They’re rubber. They will dry. Plus, the designer collabs are just too cool.  Whether you’re a Missoni…Read More

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Cyber Stalking Leather Leggings

Meet this girl. I call her Pinterest pants. I have no idea who she is, but I stumbled upon her from someone’s board on my feed back in August. And that’s where it all began. No, I’m not going to tell you some psycho tale of how I’ve been single white femaling her. I’m a fashionista, not a fruitcake. I’m just obsessed with her outfit and hellbent on recreating it. Unfortunately, all the leather leggings I’ve fallen in love with tip the scales in at least the $800 range. Maybe if I lived in Nebraska or Finland, but in Miami’s 11.5 months of tropical weather, that kind of investment, yeah, not so much. And then, on a random American Apparel outing, I found coated leggings for $45. Close enough. They came in two options: High-waisted and regular. Three guesses which ones I snagged. I found my shoes at the Gilt…Read More



Grab the Glue Gun, It’s Costume Making Time

Spent the entire weekend locked in the house making this year’s Halloween costumes. Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday. It has everything to do with the fashion element. And a DIY aspect. Each year I make a themed family costume, in addition to grown-up costumes. Last year, we, as a family, rocked it out as scarecrows. FYI hay is really itchy. And I got the novel idea to be black swan for the adult-themed parties I went to. Unfortunately, so did about 7,000 other girls in Miami. Just like every year, I refuse to tell what the Harris family costume will be, because really, what fun would it be if I blabbed? I will, however, say it’s something Milly is totally into right now. Other than that, you’ll have to wait until October 31 for the big reveal. The year prior we played up Milly’s Cat in the…Read More



Four Finds

T.G.I.F. and for these four finds …. {Fall staple: Vampy Chanel lipstick, like this Rouge Allure Velvet in L’Impatiente. It actually goes on a lot more sheer than you’d think. Pair with neutral eyes using the in Regard Signe de Chanel Eye Shadow Quad in Harmonie du Soir.} {So delicate, this By Boe mini star necklace is ideal as the top tier when layering. C/o By Boe.} {Looking for a good wallet? Spotted this one from Dr Yany on a friend at Soho House.} {Spotted this Edie Parker clutch at the Gucci Bal Harbour party. The green acrylic literally glows and the inside it like a jewelry box, complete with giant mirror. Yes, please.}  



And the Winner is …

It’s time to announce the winners of my Olivia+Joy Righteous Small Flap bag giveaway. Drumroll, please: Tara Ackerman scored the color-blocked, while Bianca Sanchez won the black one. Have fun styling your new bags. Here’s a look at what I wore my cream Olivia+Joy small flap with. Ps, I know I’m wearing white after Labor Day. Fashion faux pas? Nah. I feel like in Miami that rule just isn’t applicable. I mean if it’s hot enough to wear a bikini, you can pretty much wear whatever color you want, hence my breezy raw silk frock. At least I don’t have on sandals—ok, well, today anyway. {Donna Karan dress from Fashionably Conscious. Joie booties. Vintage necklace and bangles.}    



Long Live the ’70s

I have a philosophy about clothes: It’s not fun to wear your own vintage. I grew up in the ’80s, so, for the most part, I detest ’80s clothes. Some things, like printed denim, will always be cool, but after looking back on pics of yourself in multihued neon things and bows the size of small aircrafts, you know better than to be a repeat offender. But the ’70s. Oh, I love the ’70s. By the time I entered the world at the tail end of the ’70s, I missed out on all the cliche trends. I’d watch reruns of Jack and Janet in their groovy, highwaisted bottoms, Mrs, Roper in her tribal muumuus, Flo in her polyester uniforms. And then I’d go and slip into my mesh top and tight-rolled jeans. I was clearly born a little too late. But those dated fashions stayed with me. And somehow prime-time…Read More