Good Hair at Bdry

The advent of the blow dry bar may just be the best invention since press-on nails (read: anything that simplifies your beauty routine is mmm, mmm good.) Hip hip hurray for Bdry Blow Dry Bar. The spot opens Monday just off Lincoln Road on 17th Street, across from Macy’s. I stopped in, chatted up stylists Birttney Byrd, Katarina Wean and partner Omid Lari to get the scoop on the new digs. From the styling menu, I opted for the Bdry, which works for long, short, curly, wavy, what-have-you hair. But there’s also the B. Glamorous for retro looks, The B. Extravagant for volume junkies and the B. Glamorous for wave-seekers, all of which are outlined on an iPad parked at every station in the salon. When I spun around in my chair, I admired my sleek bob stylist Rene Flores gave me. Then, it was off to makeup for the…Read More

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Four Finds: In the Red

I’m an Aries, which means I’m a fiery one. No wonder my favorite color is red. Loving these finds in the same hue. {I scored this red turban on a thrifting adventure. It’s from god only knows when, but the tags were still on it. I still haven’t worked up the courage to take it on an outside of the house tour, but I can feel that coming soon.} {This wannabe J. Crew bubble necklace is humungous. I can’t wait to rock it out with a one-armed black frock.} {After snatching up shorts in this same hue while I was in N.Y., I’ve decided oxblood may just be my new favorite color of the season. This polish from editor/stylist Carine Roitfeld‘s collection is called Underfire Red. I have a feeling I just found my go-to shade for all of fall. {Koi are supposed to be lucky fish. Maybe I’ll slip…Read More



Sisterhood of the Palazzo Pants

{Lafayette 148 New York Ludlow pants (c/o Lafayette 148 New York). Touch Boutique nude bodysuit. Lennie for Nina Leonard leopard jacket. Aldo shoes. Vintage bracelet. Jami peach Etta necklace (c/0 Jami).} My obsession with black: A colorful story Back when I lived in New York, a friend and I were busy getting ready for a party at the magazine we worked for. We curled our hair, slapped on makeup and climbed into our outfits for the night. She donned a purple frock. I wore a gold and pink dress. Two minutes after admiring our finished products in the mirror, we raced to the closet and climbed  into little black dresses. How New York of us. Black—it’s always been my comfort zone shade. I admit, after moving to Miami, I learned to accept color into my wardrobe, but black will always be my staple. My other old faithful, and something every girl…Read More



The Online Auction Block

Attention, Ebay junkies, online shopping fiends and Facebook fanatics. There’s a new auction site worth looking into that encompasses all three. While scouring the DailyCandy website, I found a story about The Find Auctions in Dallas. It was the pic of the rainbow-hued monogrammed clutches that sucked me in—so much so I now own the green one pictured alongside my crystal clear arm party above. Upon further investigation, I discovered every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. CST (that’s 9:30 in Miami for the time-zonely challenged  like me) you log on to Facebook here (after liking it, of course) and then race to type “sold,” along with your e-mail address and monogram initals in the comments of the pic you want. It’s a game of contant refresh to see what’s being listed, and a mad dash to beat out the other bidders on the limited-stock items. If an Ebay bidding war ever got your…Read More



Four Ways to Wear Sky High Heels

I’m short. There, I said it. At 5’2″, the best only way for me to be eye level with the rest of the world is to rock uber high heels. In fact, just about the only time you won’t see me tottering around on stilts is when I’m barefoot at yoga. Here’s four ways to wear sky high heels from the Miami-made brand Something Kind of Wonderful. I’m keeping it casual with the Regina platform paired with a Sosie chevron top and RDO shorts. A huge fan of casual chic, I paired vintage jewels, Touch Boutique denim and sheer shirt with the Joan heel in gold. These bold Joan spiked heels in fuschia, paired with a neon arm party and  Touch Boutique jumpsuit, scream girl’s night out (with lots of sitting). For the record, I will never wear a boring suit to a meeting when I can wear  a Sosie peplum skirt and Touch Boutique  button-up…Read More



DIY Denim Shorts

While cleaning out my closet for Fashionably Conscious, of which I scored a ton of awesome, awesome finds this past weekend, I found a pair of Citizens for Humanity bootcut jeans I bought sometime around the era God created light. I didn’t donate them because, really, who wants bootcut jeans? But it dawned on me to cut them off and make them into shorts. Why? Because every time I buy something new for autumn, I envision it with cutoffs. Basically, I’m going to need more than a few pairs of denim shorts to get me through the fall season. If you’ve ever been fearful of hacking off your jeans into shorts, rest assured you can do it. These, however, needed a lot of love and attention to breathe new life into them. The whole process went a little something like this: Start with jeans that look cute on your butt,…Read More



Four Finds From the Gilt City Warehouse Sale

Last Friday, I shopped—epically—at the annual Gilt Warehouse sale. Did I mention I, yes me, wore flats? Sales like this are no joke. I need to be able to move, dodge, duck and weave. Here’s my four favorite things I found while I took to the racks like shopping them was some sort of contact sport. {The playing field. Loving this girl in the background who has her dress on the hanger wrapped around her neck.} {Find numero uno: These Joie Love Street booties in Camel. They were 80 percent off. Eighty. Already wore them for a shoot here. P.S. the gift card winner from that post will be announced Monday. You can still enter by leaving a comment.} {Because a good pair of black patent leather heels will last you a lifetime, I scored these from Maiden Lane}. {This Free People dress has a drop waist and a Gatsby vibe….Read More



The Pink Ribbon Project

When I was 17, I had a benign tumor removed from my left breast. It’s not really something I talk about. And it feels kind of weird writing about it now. But it was then I realized the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The key word there being awareness. A few weeks ago I was listening to an author on NPR who was explaining how breasts are the most absorbant organ in the female body. Because of this and until we can find a cure for breast cancer, we’ve got to be aware and keep things in check. It’s part of the reason why I’m so obsessed with organic products. So why am I telling you all of this? Because this year, I was asked to be a part of the second annual Pink Ribbon Project. I, along with nine other Miamians (from Bravo’s Miami Housewives and business owners, to…Read More



Get Reading, Miami

Because bloggers cannot live on fashion mags alone. When I was a kid, all I wanted was a library card so I could check out my own books from the stacks. As a motivational tactic to learn how to write my nine-letter last name (Fulkerson), my mom told me I could get one just as soon as I could spell the behemoth. So I did. Some years later, I saw that card, which was kept on file at my hometown library, with my pre-Kindergarden scribble scrabble. What can I say, I’ve always been a reader. I love books. And now there are two new places to find them in Miami Beach and Miami. {Behold, the Readery now at The Standard Spa.} Up first. The Readery. It’s a pop up in the middle of the lobby at The Standard, and it’s packed with a bookworm’s essentials: Warby Parker glasses, first edition…Read More