Four Finds

With Isaac ushering in doom and gloom in the early part of the week, here’s what I found to brighten things up. {Lacoste tote given out at the Lacoste opening party on Lincoln Road. Yes, given out. File under: Score} {The zigzag obsesh continues with this Missoni scarf from} {Beautiful neutral shadows (Earthly Desires) from locally made Maite Makeup Company.} {New motorcycle boots in gunmetal.} OK, I lied. Here’s a fifth find: A space invader on the side of my dry cleaner’s building. Oh, Invader, won’t you please come put one on my house in the middle of the night whilst I sleep? {Alien invasion of the tile kind.}



Electric Blogarella Bella Christy Cartaya

{Meet Christy.} I caught up with Christy Cartaya at the Skaist Taylor preview at Neiman Marcus at the Village of Merrick Park. Her bold-hued pants, colorful top and rose-gold accessories made her an instant Bella. Christy isn’t just a sharp dresser, she’s a PR powerhouse. From rubbing elbows with hotrod-driving celebs, thanks to her job at The Collection, to patching up boo-booed knees on her two adorable tots, she tackles it all in style. Name: Christy Cartaya Claim to Fame: Director of Public Relations and Communications at The Collection. Wearing: Zara top and pants with L.A.M.B. platform pumps. Sum up your style: Business (with a twist) by week, and mommy-proof by weekend. Most treasured item in your closet: My shoes. All of them. Secret shopping go-to spot: Off 5th. Thank me later. Beauty tip: Wear sunscreen every day, girls. I started too late. When you were a kid you wanted to…Read More



Time to Clean Out the Closet

When Fashionably Conscious asked me to be on its host committee for its September 21-23 event, I was thrilled. Why? It gave me a legit reason to clean out my closet. I realize closet cleaning isn’t exactly a scenario most people look forward to (except for me, president of the OCD club), but it’s  a necessary evil. I’ve been blessed with a lot of things, but a luxury walk-in closet is not one of them. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to make do with a few simple rules that I’m going to share so you can give those skeletons in your closet a little breathing room. Rule No. 1: No wire hangers. Mommy Dearest was on to something. Closet happiness begins with matching hangers. Everything will hang evenly, allowing you to see what lives in your closet, if you use hangers that are all the same size, like these velvet ones from Costco. Rule…Read More



Get Smart

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, Smart asked me if I wanted to drive around town in its miniature ride for a couple of weeks. Considering I’ve lamented my Mini Cooper ever since I traded it in my for mom-mobile back when I was preggo,  I jumped at the chance. I tooled around town with the top down and parked that thing in places that gave sedan owners parking envy. {Meet my little car.} Smart also asked me to design a wrap for its Wrap Stars contest, where just five bloggers across the U.S were selected to create cool looks for the pint-sized vehicle. My competition opted for flowers, denim, even kaleidoscope designs. I went with (surprise) a zigzag pattern. The inspiration came from a dress I wore during Swim Week. The yellow, black and white color combo seemed to be everywhere during the week of bikinis. Pairing it with my love of the zig…Read More



High-Waisted Mint With a Hint of Coral

Here are words I never thought I’d say: If only I could go back in time and raid my mom’s ’80s closet. She had the coolest concert tees, with the sleeves all ripped off, of course. And more high-waisted mom jeans than I could even dream about. Here’s the funny thing about high-waisted vintage pants: I came home with these, which the ever-so awesome Steffy Kuncman found for me on a thrifting adventure, put them on and the husband said: “What in the hell are those? Those are awful. They aren’t even flattering.” He just doesn’t get it. These pants are awesome. {TJ Maxx coral top. H&M coral bikini top underneath. Vintage mint pants. Aldo necklace. Fly Boutique bracelet. Sam Edelman spiked heels.}



Just Breathe

I want to talk about something close to my heart for a sec. And I’m sure if you have two eyes, you can see from the pic below that it’s yoga. I’ve been doing yoga off and on for a decade now, but for the past two years, I’ve been going at it hardcore. You see, I hate exercise. Running gives me terrible shin splints. That bike seat in spinning hurts my butt like I don’t even want to talk about. And kick boxing equates water boarding. But yoga, I can get down with yoga. It’s exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise that pushes me to set new goals for myself, like in one month I will be able to do forearm balance with my legs in full lotus. I will! The fact that I can put myself into ninja poses is just a bonus. Double bonus: It’s the only…Read More



Hurricane Party: How to Dress for Inclemete Weather

Starting on Saturday, the allegedly terrorizing topical storm Isaac swirled into Miami. Turns out, it just rained for two days, which it does here—a lot. In it’s wake, it left a few downed palm fronds and a couple of puddles. It was fun to haul out my rain boots and slosh around in those puddles. Here’s what else I wore to weather the storm. {Vintage shirt. Forever 21 denim shorts and flower wore around neck. JC plaid rain boots. Touch Boutique bracelet. Tommy Hilfiger umbrella that I bought at Fly Boutique one day when it started raining out of nowhere and I’d just gotten my hair blown out.}    



Four Finds at RaMona LaRue

This week, I was invited to glimpse RaMona LaRue by Arianne‘s fall collection in her showroom, parked just above Isa Boutique in Midtown. The local designer’s boho chic offerings work for Miami girls trying to pull off fall ensembles when it’s anything but fall out. (Fact: It was 92 yesterday. Those boots I bought recently are just never going to happen, are they?) While I was there, I spotted these Four Finds, which include a peek at her holiday and resort collections due out later this year. I also got a quick look at spring 2013, and let me just tell you, leopard spots are here to stay. Hip, hip, hooray. {Jumpsuit from the fall collection. The print is actually elephant skin up close and personal.} {These are the pants I’ve been obsessing over since June, also from the fall collection and now part of my collection as soon as…Read More



Electric Blogarella Bella Liana de Mena

{Meet Liana.} The perfect bun, the Peter Pan collar, the two-toned shoes—the minute Liana de Mena walked into Neiman Marcus at Merrick Park for the Skaist Taylor viewing, I knew she was Bella material. I’ve known Liana for almost as long as I’ve been a Miamian. We met at a book club a decade and change ago, where we discussed chick lit that I only pretended to read. (I hate chick lit almost as much as I hate chick flicks.) Nevertheless, the company was great, worth tolerating bad literature for. Ever the savvy business gal, this entrepreneur (she started her own company along with a gal pal) and event planner in Miami isn’t above raiding her sister’s closet and turning a table of ladies who lunch into bun-craving hair harpies. Deets below, so get reading. Name: Liana de Mena Claim to Fame: Owner of The Agency Events. Wearing: J. Crew ballet…Read More