Feast Your Eyes on This

{Awesomeness courtesy of David Lundblad and CaptureFashion.com.} And there you have it, what may be the best blogger collab pic ever. Seriously, I am so  thrilled to be a part of this and have eagerly awaited the finished product for weeks. And now it’s here! And I can share it! That’s me, by the way, in the leopard suit with the orange hat. Knowing this was in the works and not being able to share it was torture. Sheer torture. I wanted to scream, ” Amanda Del Duca of CaptureFashion.com and David Lundblad came up with this awesome socks pic idea for the Miami Fashion Bloggers Google+ page. You are doing to die when you see it.” But I couldn’t. Thank god now I can. I couldn’t hold it in much longer. I think it’s a winner. What do you think? Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of me pretending (cheese-ily) to be…Read More

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Four Finds at Fashion Bloggers Do It Better

Last night was a better night in Miami with the Fashion Bloggers Do It Better Summer event at Ricochet. The second leg of the shopping series (the first happened back in March) featured local designers and boutiques selling their wares, as well as Miami’s fashion bloggers taking to the runway in a fashion show that displayed each blogger’s personal style. Here’s a look at my favorite four finds of the night and a recap of this fashionable fete. {Find 1: Jewels by Dunn skull, arrow and spike bracelets.} {Find 2: Turquoise bead necklace from Furor Moda.} {Find 3: Vanessa Ferrer’s ridic awesome neon and monogrammed bag.} {Find 4: Maria Tettamanti’s spankin’ new Chanel shoes.} And now for a look at how we got this party started. {Ana Ortuno’s awesome bun by Cutler.} {Stephanie Giles of Beauty For Real doing makeup for Kristin Clark.} {Leslie Munsell Dubbin of Beauty For Real doing blogger…Read More



Electric Blogarella Fella: Manny Hernandez

{Meet Manny.} I don’t even remember how I met Manny Hernandez. That’s how long I’ve known him. He’s one of Miami’s most well-known photogs, capturing moments by snapping pics at events. Chances are he’s popped his flash at you, too, if you were living it up at any one of Miami’s big bashes. Today, I’m reversing the rolls and putting Manny on the other side of the camera. Check out this man behind the lens. Name: Manny Hernandez  Claim to Fame: Photograph the fun stuff: concerts, music, art, fashion, food, lifestyle, society, for editorial and brands. I’m a supporter of the arts.  Wearing: Hudson jeans, which I got from the brand to try out, Florence + the Machine special-edition T-shirt I got at TopMan in Chicago, grey jacket from H&M in London and charcoal Chukka boots from TopMan in Chicago as well. Sum up your style: I like fitted suits and…Read More



Where Past and Present Intersect: Shopping The-Archive.co

{The Archive.} Local girls Marianna Maurer and Nicole Tafur have a thing for vintage shopping. Mix in their backgrounds in fashion (Maurer a fashion production and Tafur a stylist and editor) and a site like the-archive.co was inevitable. Only recently launched, The Archive melds apparel from the past with modern-day pieces for a look at what’s trending in both the vintage and runway worlds, as well as how to wear it, original photo shoots and colorful storyboards. I caught up with Mauer to talk about her passion for fashion and her ground-breaking site.  How does The Archive work? Basically, we sell a curated vintage collection and pair up each item with a hand-selected set of contemporary versions also available for sale. We want to show the shopper a continuity of fashion throughout the decades, whether she is a seasoned vintage gal or not The Archive has a blog, too. Tell…Read More

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Maxi Dresses Make My Day

{Necessary Objects maxi dress, vintage necklace, vintage bangles, vintage Coach cross-body bag, Elizabeth & James wedges.} If you peek inside my closet, you’d find a whole section dedicated to maxi dresses. I don’t know what it is about the big boho frocks, but I love them. Maybe it’s being all neatly tucked inside. Maybe it’s the lazy factor of not having to find a separate top or matching bottom to go along with. Maybe it’s my obsession with the ’70s. Whatever it is, there’s nothing quite like a floor-skimming dress to start the day. Here’s what I wore this past week to the Alvin Valley trunk show, where I scored the most incredible pair of high-waisted black cigarette pants, something I’ve been searching for since I tossed out the ones I scored at Naf Naf in Paris more than 14 years ago. Why, oh why, did I ever edit those out…Read More

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The Juice Fast Diaries: How I Made It Through Five Days

{My diet for the next five days.} Usually, I do a makeup-related post on Mondays. Today, I’m doing a getting-pretty-on-the-inside post. This past week, I did a five-day juice cleanse at The Standard. Here’s why: They asked me to. And I’ve done it before, so I knew what to expect. Before I get into my whole experience, I want to clear a few things up. Mainly, that juice fasts aren’t a fad diet (though in recent months, it seems that’s what they’ve become). You don’t go on a juice fast to lose weight. But you will lose weight, about a pound a day. It is, however, the kind of weight you will put back on just as soon as you start eating again, because it’s impossible to maintain that loss, as you are getting by on the bare minimum your body needs to function. So why do a juice fast…Read More



Your Thursday Night Plans: Fashion Bloggers Do It Better (The Summer Edition)

{Me and The Wordy Girl gearing up for the catwalk Thursday night.} I realize there are a slew of events happening this Thursday. Why, oh why, does that always happen? One week it’s dead as a doorknob, and then next, there’s a mill things happening all on the same night and you wish someone would just hurry up and market a “make-a-me” clone kit you could pick up at Target so you don’t miss a beat. Anyhoo …  This week there’s the Modern Luxury Brides South Florida & the Caribbean launch party, the Her City Card soiree at Lorie Lester Studio + Boutique and the event you need to make sure you don’t miss: Fashion Bloggers Do It Better. I’m selfishly plugging this last one because I’ll be tromping down the runway in a chic dress from GuyandGirl Boutique alongside my favorite Miami fashion bloggers: hosts Annie Vazquez of The Fashion…Read More

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Mr. Pants: Alvin Valley

{Nope that’s not him, but those are his pants.}  As of 11 a.m. today I’ll be shopping the racks at the Alvin Valley trunk show in Miami Beach. Alvin Valley’s been dubbed the King of Pants on more than one occasion. And I don’t mean that in a Titanic, “I’m the King of the World” sort of way. Valley’s knack for making pants that flatter earned him his royal title. Wether you have junk in your trunk, are flat where it should be fat or vice versa, he’s got you covered. Valley, a Miami boy, returns to his roots with his line today for a trunk show that you’ll have to step into one leg at a time. So what makes Valley the boss of britches, the sir of slacks? It’s all about the fit.  How does one become the “King of Pants?” I don’t know how I became King of Pants,…Read More

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Four Finds: In Honor of the Miami Heat Win, Don Geek-Chic Glasses

{Geeking out in Tom Ford glasses.} I like sports about as much as I like waking up with a head cold. (Read: Not at all.) But I am from Indiana, which means basketball is ingrained in my brain as basically the only sport worth watching. And since I do live in Miami and the Heat blew the pants off OKC last night, a Four Finds Friday dedicated to the Miami Heat seemed a necessary evil. Especially considering how sports got all runway ready by taking a single silly trend and mainstreaming it. Yup, I’m talking about the geeky glasses the NBA players have been talking to the press in. The trend has taken off by such leaps and bounds that I even saw guys roaming around the mall in lens-less 3-D specs. I kid you not. Yesterday, I hit NBC6 to talk about D-Wade and Lebron James sporting their four-eyed…Read More

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