H&M in Miami Beach, the Pre-Show

Well, we love you, too, H&M. Tomorrow is the long-awaited day, the arrival of H&M’s first pop-up shop in Miami Beach. Today, however, I, along with droves of fashion bloggers, photogs, reporters and even Real Housewife of Miami Alexis Echeverria, got a sneak peek of the store and a chance to interview Marybeth Schmitt, the U.S. spokesperson for the brand. I finally got the deets on what took the brand so long to open its doors down here, which designer collab we’ll get first and why it still, in 2012, doesn’t have an e-commerce site. Before you delve into my interview, note tomorrow doors to the Meridian Avenue pop-up open at noon and stay open until 10 p.m. Consider yourself warned, the buzz surrounding this opening warrants Missoni for Target-style madness. Pops-of-color handbags, check. Why has it taken H&M so long to open in Miami? We were looking for the…Read More

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Electric Blogarella Bella: Marcella Novela

Meet Marcella. She’s as enthusiastic about art as she is fashion savvy. Marcella Novela shows off her style while promoting and planning events and creating collections for Miami Art Museum. This avid collector doesn’t just know the difference between surrealists and expressionists, she also knows how to perfectly incorporate pieces from the past with modern-day accessories. I caught up with the budding Miami socialite at the Givenchy luncheon at the Soho Beach House’s penthouse and got the scoop on which fashions work for her—and her house. Name: Marcella Novela Claim to Fame: Member of the Miami Art Museum Board of Trustees and Chair of the Miami Art Museum’s MAM Contemporaries and Young Collectors Council. Wearing: Vintage dress and bag, YSL shoes and Patek Philippe gold watch from the 1940s. Sum up your style: Whimsical, elegant and daring. Most treasured item in your closet: A silk Custo Barcelona tunic my 5-year-old…Read More

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Thrifting 101

You never know what you’ll find. I’ve been “thrifting” since I was 5, but back then my grandma called “rummaging,” and it entailed a box of donuts, the Thrifty Nickel newspaper and a morning full of yard sales with a trip to the thrift store as an after-thought. Oh, the fun we had. And the things we found. With a lifetime of second-hand shopping experience, I’ve come up with a few tips for navigating stores with stapled-on price tags, my rules and regulations for “thrifting,” if you will. Rule No. 1: Get moving. The early bird gets the vintage $10 Mara Hoffman. That happened to me once. In recent years, thrift stores have become uber popular. If you’ve ever been outside of the Red White & Blue Thrift Store on a Saturday morning for what I call “the people races,” you know what I’m talking about. Rule No. 2: Note who…Read More

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Frockin' Out

Me, My Melody and a summer frock. Come summer, our fair city is a sweat lodge. An open-air steam room. A walk-in hair dryer. Tromping around this kind of heat isn’t for amateurs. It’s hard to look fashion forward when you are sweating like a banshee. So here are my three “s” rules when dressing for summer in Miami: Simple, short and spaghetti-strapped or strapless. That’s what we Miami girls wear when it’s 99 degrees out. A tour de closet would yield hanger after hanger of these little numbers, like my silk Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent summer staple. Another rule for navigating this season: Less is more. Let your accessories wow, while your dress weathers the sauna that is our city. Glammed up with a vintage choker and a Lola James Jewelry necklace. Accented with my vintage Phillippe leather bag, Lalique ring and non-existent nail polish (for shame). On…Read More

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Sale Alert, Sale Alert

No, not the Webster for Target. The Webster for real. Attention, fashionites. The Webster kicks off its spring/summer sale today with 30 to 50 percent off select brands. That means you can actually afford stuff. Hurray! Seriously, with discouts like these, it makes me wonder if I’ll ever buy things at regular price again. Just wait a few months and you get it for half off, which gives you plenty of time to pine over your find, thus insuring you simply must have it and will appreciate it all the more. Ya feel me? Happy shopping and let me know what you find.

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Sunscreen: You Knew This Post Was Coming Eventually

Obsessed with this stuff. Since it’s Memorial Day, you most likely aren’t working and the possibility of it being a beach day is 99.9 percent, I’ve decided a sunscreen post it is. As a hippie dippy, granola-eating, vegetarian, tree-hugging yogi, I tend to like products that aren’t packed with weid chemicals that may or may not make my skin fall off when I’m 50. A few years back, the EWG put out an article about sunscreens and the scary things in them. The gist of the article: Most of those store-bought sunscreens you’ll find en masse at the drug store may actually be speeding up your chances of getting skin cancer thanks to something called nano-particles and titanium dioxide. Turns out, these nano-particles are really bad for you, but the FDA gave them a stamp of approval anyway and now people are spraying them all over themselves come summer months…Read More

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Fear Factor

Operation: ocean. I’m afraid of the ocean. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous. Half of the name of the city I live in has the word Beach in it, which means it’s connected to the ocean. And I’m afraid to dive in. Until yesterday. First airplanes, now the ocean. What’s next? Me having a pet gecko and tarantula? My god I hope not. It all started back when I watched a Jaws marathon on a vacation to Florida. As a nice Midwestern girl from a landlocked state, I had to wonder, “Why would they even think about showing things like that here?” After that, even the pool required a look-see to make sure no great whites were waiting to rip my limbs off. My phobia upped its ante later on a middle school trip to a lake, where a fish swam into me. Leave it up to me find the…Read More

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Fun With Neon

Asos Leather Long Satchel With Fluro Trim, $121.77. Considering a glow-in-the-dark look this summer? Guest blogger Blathnaid Magill of Asos shows us how to tackle the neon trend. Take it away, Blathnaid: We all have that dilemma every season: A new trend emerges and, although it looks breathtaking on the catwalk, we are scared to embrace the look ourselves—because let’s face it, life is not a runway, and I’m not a super model. Here are my tips on how to wear neon whilst not looking like you’re stuck in an ’80s time warp or attending an acid rave. Asos body-conscious dress with neon piping, $60.88. 1) My personal number one tip on adopting the neon trend is neon in its simplest form: Piping. Neon piping is the perfect way to give a nod to the trend that doesn’t seem to be giving up any time soon. A simple summer shift…Read More

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Four Finds

From head to toe, this is what inspired me this week. I’ve been considering growing the bob out for about a month now, but as more and more pics from The Great Gatsby with Carey Mulligan’s cute cut infiltrate the Web, I feel the need to keep rockin’ the bob. Mark my words, this look (from cropped cut to drop-waist dresses) will be all the rage as soon as this flick hits the silver screen. Want, need this cut-out monogrammed ring I found on Pinterest earlier this week. Currently reading and laughing my way through this meme, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, from The Bloggess. These are $14.99 at Payless. Yes, Payless. I won’t tell anyone if you won’t either.

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