Last Night …

I saw Radiohead from the front row on the first night of their tour. NBD. When Thom Yorke dances, he embodies every “white people can’t dance” stigma. And it’s brilliant. Ed O’Brien. Swoon. The concert was amazing. Lots of new, unreleased stuff. Two “OK Computer” songs. A “Karma Police” encore! If you can, see this show.

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The It Girl Expo is Just a Day Away

Girls just want to have fun … T-minus one day until the “It” Girl Expo makes its way to Miami for an evening of all things girly: shopping, beauty tips, a fashion show, a beauty bar, live music, pink drinks … Grab a bunch of your besties and head to Soho Studios in Wynwood this Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30 (for VIP admission) or 6:30 for general admission. We hear the beauty bar will be worth the price of admission alone. And speaking of the price of admission, enter the code electric here and score $5 off your ticket. I’ll be live blogging from the event, so drop over and say hi. See you there.

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And the Oscar Bingo Goes To …

Bingo! Will you be watching the Oscar’s tonight? Of course you will. South Beach Wine & Food ends earlier today, so why not throw on a little Melissa and Joan and start self-loathing for eating en mass whilst you watch Angelina Jolie strut around in a dress so fitting, it’s obvs she’s never been to Burger Bash. Ever. Seriously, who times this stuff? So while you’re watching the red carpet and regretting every last bite you crammed in this past weekend, grab a friend or two, download a bingo card and play Oscar Bingo. The idea comes from Evite Postmark as part of Marc Friedland’s Oscar Party ideas, of which you can find here. He also suggests wearing black tie PJs. Too much effort. I get you aren’t getting out of your muu-muu. Neither am I. But you were already keeping mental tabs on who’s wearing Versace, who recently got…Read More

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WuGate Continues

Well, well, well, what have we here? It seems WuGate is the story that just won’t quit. In an interesting turn of events, I found this little gem from the New Times on Facebook yesterday. Seems DJ Midas, Kevin Wills, was lying to all of us at Target that SuperBowl Sunday morning when he and his fem partner in crime raped the racks at the Jason Wu for Target debut. Turns out he wasn’t poaching the racks to resell everything for jacked-up prices on Ebay. Obviously, he was taking everything in the name of charity. Yeah, and my name is Myrtle. And clearly I have a hearing problem because I, along with the dozen others there, as well as video cameras, could have sworn I heard him say we could buy things off him in the parking lot. Funny, he never mentioned anything about charity when he was bragging about…Read More

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Wine & Food Fest Fashions

This week, it’s all about food AND fashion. South Beach Food & Wine Festival is practically here. You hear us, Q, we’re coming for you tomorrow night. While many of you are wondering what you’ll be gorging on in the upcoming weekend, the fashion set is wondering what outfits will wow at the fest. I stopped in at Isa Boutique this week to make a few selects on outfits that will get you though the gourmand gathering. These are my picks. I totally scored the striped tunic, which I’ll be donning as a dress come Sunday’s Grand Tasting Village. Here’s to seconds and savvy outfits. Cheers. More options to take you from feasts to fetes at Wine & Food.

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Attention Vintage Hoarders

V to the i to the n to the t to the a to the g to the e. Last weekend, when I was cruising around Wnywood on the bike tour, I ran into Lester’s for some tea. Before I even got in the door, I saw it: A classic pic of a Vogue-esue lady with the word “Vintage” looming over her head. Adrenaline rush. Vintage shopping, for me, anyway, is the equivalent of a chocoholic biting into a rich, decadent truffle. I’m a junkie and knowing I can have something from the past that no one else will have is my fix. And I plan to completely fall off the wagon on Thursday, when the hipster haven magazine/coffee house turns into a vintage salon with designer pieces from around the globe. Turns out, the owner of Lesters’ wife is a stylist and has been working with vintage collectors to…Read More

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I’m With the Band

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. At midnight, on January 1, 2012, as I thought about all the things I’d do in the new year, one thing that never came to mind was singing with a band. But, a month and change in, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Singing. With. A. Band. You probably just stopped and asked yourself one of two questions: 1) Does she sing? and 2) Which band? Yes, in fact, I do sing. And anyone I went to middle or high school, even college with knows this. Through choirs and a pageant (don’t even ask), I hit the stage with a mic and belted out some things in front of people. And then, somewhere along the way, I decided having people look at you while you sing is just, well, terrifying. And that’s when I stopped. Until tomorrow night. Inhale, exhale. To answer your second question, the band is…Read More

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It's Social Media Week, Miami

Meet the panelists. Yesterday, I saddled up on a barstool on the Catalina’s rooftop and talked about social media in the beauty biz for Social Media Week, which made it’s Miami debut this year. The panelists, Stacy Provines Reid (@TinteCosmetics), Jenny Ortiz (@InterviewHer), Maygan Dale (@MayCupChic2), Nikki Nash (@SircleSamples) and myself (@gingdawn), shared our media strategies. Here’s what I learned: 1. Get the metrics on your blog. It’s important to know WHERE you’re base of readers is. I use Google Analytics for mine, but Hootsuite also has options. 2. It’s all about pics. Less words, more pics. 3. Twitter is the new black. Facebook, not so much. 4. Pink martinis with sugar around the rim are mmm, mmm good. 5. Set a blogging schedule for yourself and keep up with up. 6. Be honest. People like an honest blogger. Don’t say something is great if it isn’t. And be honest…Read More

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Is This Thing On …

That’s me. A few weeks back I mentioned doing something that scares me makes for a great blog post. Today, I’m facing that little demon head on when I join a panel about social media marketing and the beauty biz for Social Media Week. Although way more comfortable navigating the world from behind the safety of my laptop, today I’ll actually step out from behind my computer to talk about what I do in front of a group of people. Cue the cold sweat. Just kidding. Or not. If you have some time and no idea how to use Twitter, come on over. I promise not to picture you in your underwear while I’m speaking. (That’s a complete lie.)

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