In 2011 …

What were you doing when you were ringing in ‘11? There goes another 365. And here’s what I found along the way that made my year: Todd at Van Michael When I found out Siobhan was leaving Van Michael Miami Salon in the middle of my hair grow out, I considered moving to wherever it was she was going. Seriously. This girl was my hair lifeline. And a good friend. And while I miss Siobhan and our girl chats dearly, I can’t thank her enough for recommending Todd. Yes, I know I’ve tweeted off and on recently about my hair love affair with Todd, and it’s true, I love him. Not only is he adorable, I mean seriously, seriously adorable, he can tame my mane. And his massages are phenom. There’s three reasons why I visit the salon at least once a week right there. I am so glad I…Read More

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Dress Code

The last night of 2011 is just two days away. And we know, we know, you still don’t have anything to wear. Been there. Done that. I can’t lock down a pair of gold platform pumps without glitter to save my soul, which means that dress I’ve been carrying around for two years now is not going to make a NYE debut again this year. The perfect dress for ringing in 2012 is out there. You just have to find it. Try these destinations for fail-safe options, like the ones I highlighted in today’s DailyCandy post. I’m seriously crushing on the shorts from Jessie and the sequin numbers at Isa. And if you see my shoes on your shopping search, tell them to wait right there. I’m a’ comin’.

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This is not fake, it’s eco-chic. There are two types of people in this world: Those who take their tree down the minute Christmas is over and those who leave it up well into Valentine’s Day. Wait, there’s actually three: Those who don’t celebrate Christmas at all and, therefore, have no issues with dried up pine needles shedding all over their house. Oh man, I just thought of a fourth: Those with “eco-friendly” (because fake is such harsh word) trees. Before I come up with any more, let me get to the meat of my post. Sure, they smell nice and they are, essentially, a giant nightlight for your living room, but after Saint Nick does his thing, it’s time to take the tree down. But then what do you do with this dried up, sugar-water drinking, pine needle dropper? Especially if you went all out this year and opted…Read More

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Shoe Carnage at Saks

It’s 8:15 on Boxing Day. And this is the scene at Saks in Bal Harbour Shops. Upon walking into the store, a man at the door asks your preference: Shoes or handbags. Once you choose, he sends you in the direction of your vice. And the rest is chaos. For me, the madness began when he asked me shoes or handbags. I’ve never been asked this question before. Can’t I be both? I mean, really, how do you choose? Turns out, when the heat is on, I’m a shoe girl. After encountering this (pictured above), I encountered this (pictured below): Shoe-pocalypse. This is what it looks like when $750 shoes marked down to $500 are an additional 50 percent off. With prices like these, the ability for the brain to process cute and ugly becomes blurred, and you just start grabbing for your size, or, more realistically, any size. And…Read More



Magic in a Little Blue Bottle

Good hair happens here. Salon Vaso is keeping it real for those of us who consider ourselves hippie dippie yet still have a thing for grooming. What does that mean, exactly? It means we want to be pretty, but the onslaught of chemicals hiding in our FDA-approved salon treatments freaks us out. All hail the Ewg. With offerings like Zerran RealLisse Vegan Hair-Smoothing System, Salon Vaso becomes an enclave for mother nature-types. As the first salon in Florida to offer the formaldehyde-free, 100-percent vegan treatment, it’s an ideal alternative to those other chemically laden Keratin treatments, hinging on being banned in Cali. Also on the menu, Organic Hair Color. It’s ammonia-free, certified vegan and cruelty-free. I gave the color a go and was really impressed with the vibrance of my hue. You may tend to think an “organic” color would be quick to wash out, but I’m happy to report…Read More

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Attention Slackers

Tada! Gift idea. You can thank me later. Today’s post title applies to me, too, so don’t get all huffy about me calling you out on the fact you still have gifts to purchase, wrap and mail. Tick tock. Just be thankful I’m regurgitating this DailyCandy post from last week. Score other ideas here. Ground Up Collective is a really cool gift shop inside GAB. It’s parked over in Wynwood. You can also squeeze in a tour of the art at the gallery, if you shop like the stealth, last-minute ninja I know you are. Being the perfect destination for all your hippie dippie and hipster friends who love art and the environment, you’ll find cool piece like the necklace by JoMama pictured above. It’s made from recycled wood and magazine pages. And it’s cool as hell. Plus, it’s $20. Go and pick up five. Make that six. I’ll take…Read More

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Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

Sugar Plum Fairy. Christmas is a week away. One week and a day. That’s what I’ve got left. I made a massive effort to make holiday headway on Black Friday. But after that Art Basel happened, followed by new job (love new job, by the way), and I’ve kind of fallen into the abyss of holiday denial. Shocking confession: This is a first for me. I usually scoff at people who wait until Christmas Eve to realize they are about to lose the race. I’m the mom that makes cookies, puts them in the mail and makes you feel bad for not doing so already. I buy my holiday stamps at the beginning of December and wait for an appropriate time to finally mail my cards out. For me, holiday planning usually starts the day after Thanksgiving, by which point I’ve shopped, wrapped all the presents and put the tree…Read More

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My Beauty For Real Charity Case

I’m this month’s Beauty For Real “Beauty Heroine!” A few months back Leslie at Beauty For Real asked me to be a part of her Beauty and Grace campaign. Being a huge fan of the makeup line, how could I turn down an opportunity like that? The concept behind the campaign is real women who give back. Leslie fell in love with the idea of giving girls positive roll models and inspiring girls and women to go out and make the world a better place. I was thrilled to be a part of such a positive movement. My cause: the Miami Art Museum’s Contemporaries. I’m a new member of the Steering Committee, which helps me share my passion for the arts with young professionals. Sharing the arts is a gift. It propels imagination. It creates more art. It gives us an outlet for our passions. For me, creativity is our…Read More

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This Weekend, You Should …

Let’s pretend you’ve finished all your holiday shopping. Let’s also pretend you put those packages in the mail. Now that you’ve crossed all that off your list, this is what you should be doing this weekend. Plus, here are the promised deets on the Daily Candy time block for those crazy nails I got this weekend. The event, Dzine’s Imperial Nails Presented by Perrier at The Standard Spa, is setting aside a block of time on Sat. & Sun., 2-6 p.m. There are five spots reserved each day for DailyCandy readers. Email with DailyCandy in the subject line for an appt. Do it, now.

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